July 13, 2020

White Rose.

This is actually not really today. A couple weeks ago.

My grandma fell and she can’t walk now. She already had trouble walking, because when she was young she broke her leg. Anyway, she fell on her bottom, and I think she damaged something really deep, like a nerve or something. Anyway she couldn’t walk for a couple weeks. To add to it she also broke one thing which was very important. We took it, and gave it to a man to be mended.

We went on a walk, to a very far away place. It was VERY open, and the sky was a beautiful blue. I felt so free, after the stuffed apartment. We walked past this huge, white theater, where I went with my family a couple of times to see ballet. It really held a special place in my heart.

We took many photos, and one specially beautiful one, which a stranger took, of me and my mum and dad standing together, in front of many white roses. They were gorgeous.

We walked past this place where there were lots of iron pegs or something. Maybe a bench was removed from there. Anyway, a woman was hurrying past and she tripped on a peg, falling with a loud THUD to the ground. She was banged up pretty bad. My mum helped her up, and asked if she was okay.

nothing really interesting happened afterwards. We headed to a flower shop, and walked around searching for the perfect flower. We didn’t find any. The shop was marble and gold-ish, the bright flowers contrasting nicely with the white marble.

Written by Kiana-Kaslana

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