July 27, 2020

Pretty Good Day

12:20 AM (of Tuesday, July 28th 2020)

Today is Monday' July 27th 2020 and I fell asleep last night at around 12:30 AM, I woke up this morning at around 6:30 AM so that's about 6 hours of sleep. Not enough, but oh well.

This morning before work, I didn't really have much to do. I recall just taking photos for my logs and I read a bit of a book. That was pretty much it. I did avoid "messing up" too though which was good.

Work was productive, I got what I wanted to get done, done.

After work I watched some videos and ate some dinner. Afterwards I went out for a walk to get my 10k steps in, I drove to the wealthy neighborhood and I just walked back and forth between this dead end on sidewalk on one side to just right before the golfing range. I feared walking in front of the golfing range again just because I saw two golf balls that were knocked out of the park and landed on or near the sidewalk where I walked.

After I came back home I worked on some problems and studied for a bit, which as nice.

Right now as I write this, I am a bit over 72 hours since I last "messed up", which is excellent. If I can survive and not mess up the entire day tomorrow, that would tie my current record for me this year. I do feel improved after not messing up for three days, but not that much. I was so much better earlier this month when I stopped messing up for 4 days, because before that I would only mess up about once a day so it was easy to recover from. After I relapsed I started messing up like 2-5 times a day which was a lot. That has left me feeling quite worse off now and less rejuvenated even after 3 days unlike earlier this month when I felt phenomenal after 3 days.

Anyway that was pretty much my day today. I'm very sleepy as I write this after studying, so I didn't get to write that much. For tomorrow I have the same plan, just walk 10k steps and catch up on logs. I was not able to catch up on logs today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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