July 28, 2020

walmart log (not actually a log)

Since I'm stuck at home ordering curbside delivery from Walmart for the foreseeable future, I decided to start a thing where I order at least one new item every time and post mini-reviews. This place has so much more variety than the local grocery, I want to take advantage of it, but it's harder with online ordering where you can't browse the shelves.

I hope the local grocery doesn't go out of business due to not being able to offer delivery. It's the only grocery store in reasonable walking distance. But there's nothing to be done about it now.

Anyway, watch this space for updates. Y/N indicates whether I'd buy the item again.

(Also a shoutout to the best Walmart item that I got completely by accident. I ordered curry paste, but they were out, so they substituted Blue Elephant thai curry sauce, and it is amazing. 60% coconut milk son, that's how you do it)

  1. sweet potato & cauliflower tots (6/18) [Y]: these are SO GOOD
  2. P.F. Chang's Mongolian BBQ sauce (6/18) [maybe]: A bit too much wine taste for a dipping sauce, but it makes a nice marinade.
  3. potato gnocchi (6/18) [N]: ugggh these things are a cross between bland and drywall. They're palatable if you douse them liberally in sauce, but why bother when you could put sauce on good food instead?
  4. parmesan garlic wing sauce (7/15) [N]: Basically a creamy salad dressing; it's very tangy/vinegary. Not quite my thing. As a pasta sauce (which is what I bought it for), it's okay. My roommate likes it as a dipping sauce, but it's way more caloric than his usual dipping sauces. Overall, not a bad buy, but probably not worth repeating.
  5. basil pesto (7/15) [N]: it has cashews OOPS. (I'm allergic) I guess I'm giving my parents a bottle of pesto
  6. "Naked Noodle" noodle cups (7/27): 6a. Thai sweet chili [maybe]: Needs salt badly. With salt added, it's okay. Not too distinctive, but better than normal cup ramen. | 6b. Singapore curry: I got this just because it has "Singapore" in the name lmao

Written by Achaius

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