July 28, 2020

Walked 22k steps, got work done, not a bad day

7:19 AM

I fell asleep last night at around 1 AM and I woke up this morning at around 7 AM, so I got about 6 hours of sleep, same as yesterday. Still not enough but oh well.

Right now I have an hour and 40 minutes before work starts. This is enough time to get a lot done. I can probably walk 8k steps in this time or catch up on logs and finances. I'm probably going to opt to go out for a walk right now. It's been a while since I walked in the morning, so I might as well. I'll just walk around the neighborhood this time, nowhere special.

10:04 PM

What ended up happening is I walked about 4000 steps in the morning. I just did a few laps around the neighborhood and got bored very quickly just walking around in circles, so I ended up coming back home at around 8 AM. When I came back home I gave myself a cold shower because it was so hot outside I was just sweating a lot. The cold water felt cold for a few seconds, and then felt like warm water a few seconds later. It's so hot out that the "cold" water is more like warm water. After that I just browsed the Internet for a bit, and then work started.

Work was pretty good and productive today. I got a good amount of work done. Very nicely done. At around noon, during the sun's brightest, I went out for a walk again and I just ended up taking about 3000 more steps. This time it was much easier because instead of going around the neighborhood in circles, I took a long path to somewhere else, and I was actually surprised I ended up taking 3000 steps from this, because it barely felt like any time at all. When I came back home I took another cold shower, it was easy this time as well. I worked on other things until the end of the working day.

After work was done, I browsed the Internet for a bit, watched some videos. I then went out for a walk, and because I had 7000 steps counted already, I thought I could easily do another 23,000 and make it to 30,000 steps. I drove over to the wealthy neighborhood, parked, and started my walk. I walked across the highway, and then started my journey down from this end of the sidewalk, to the other end, which was about 3 miles one way, so 6 miles back and forth. As I walked toward the other end, I passed by that golfing range again and this time I brought an umbrella, I walked with an open umbrella above me as I passed the golfing range so that in case any golf balls come flying I would be protected a little.

After about an hour I made it to the other end of the sidewalk. I checked my step counter there, and it said I took 15,000 steps. I then started my way back, which took forever, and then I made it all the way back to the stoplight from where I started from. At this point I had 21,000 total steps in. There was going to be around another 1000 from crossing the highway and then walking through the wealthy neighborhood to my car.

From the stoplight I had planned on walking back and forth between where I was, and to this other dead-end about 700 steps away, and I would have to do about 15 of these back and forth to make it to 30,000 steps. I thought about that, and after already doing 21,000 steps, I just imagined how difficult it would be doing another 15 mini-laps. I was like, no thanks, and I just gave up, crossed the street, went back to the car. When I got back home my total steps were about 21700, I rounded up to 22000 because there were times I didn't have my phone with me and I still walked around a bunch.

11:34 PM

So that was pretty much my day today. I didn't take another cold shower when I got back home, I basically just changed clothes, checked some emails, checked the guilds on Habitica, worked on homework a little.

I got a small amount of homework done, but I'm kind of frustrated with one assignment where I have to grade other people's papers. Most of the time I get decent papers to grade, but there were two papers this time that weren't done properly. There was supposed to be some graph/layout filled out, instead these guys wrote an essay about what was supposed to be in the graph/layout. So that makes it a difficult assignment to grade since I'll have to read through the essays and try to form the graph/layout around it.

Oh yeah it's about 4 days now since I last messed up, tying with my previous record streak so far this year. I felt better during my first 4 day streak earlier this month, than today, because since then I've messed up so many times in such a short period that it's become a senseless experience. I'm trying to make it to 30 days, that'll probably be in like the top 5 longest streaks I've had ever. So starting tomorrow, every second will basically be a new longest streak for me this year.

So that is pretty much my day today. I would do something else, like study or something maybe, but I am beat. I am exhausted from walking 22,000 steps today. Tomorrow I'm probably not going to be walking because I have homework due, and that will basically be the only thing I have planned for tomorrow (other than work). So my only to do for tomorrow is to complete my homework

Written by JustMegawatt

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