July 29, 2020

Excellent Day, Walked, Took Exam, Messed Up

6:30 AM

Alright it's 6:30 AM and I have about 2.5 hours before work starts. I plan on eating breakfast and completing some homework this morning. I might also walk around outside to try and find a 5k walking path, where I can walk one direction until I hit 5k steps, and then just turn around from there to make it to 10k. Yesterday I found a 1.5k walking path, where if I walk one direction I hit 1.5k steps, and then if I go back I hit a total of 3k steps. 5k steps is about 2.5 miles so it's going to be a far walk no matter which path I take.

8:07 AM

I worked on my homework this morning while cooking up some beans and rice for breakfast. The homework took a lot longer than I thought, taking up well over an hour. So there is basically no way now for me to go out and find a path that will lead to 5000 steps. However, at least I was able to complete a big chunk of my homework assignments and won't have to worry about that for later tonight. There is a test I have to study for later tonight, but other than that, I'm pretty much all set. Nice! I should be doing homework a whole lot earlier.

Anyway I am going to eat some breakfast, and maybe walk a bit outside if I can afterwards. Then after that work will start. It has now been over 4 days since I last messed up, so every second that goes by is basically me setting a new record. It feels good. It feels very good. I don't feel "high" but I do feel good. This is basically the first time I have completed a homework assignment early by working on it in the morning instead of at night a few hours before it's due. I don't think I would have been able to do that if I messed up a day before or something.

11:23 PM (of Thursday, July 30th 2020)

After that morning part I worked and had a very good working day.

After work I went out for a walk and walked around 10k steps around the wealthy neighborhood. I just wore shorts, sandals, a mask, and a shirt that said Powered by Plants. I just walked around the wealthy neighborhood this time while listening to audio. I ended up taking 10k steps, had some fun. It was a very good walk, I encountered a bunch of people and I felt very good.

After walking around I worked on homework when I got home. I got home at around 9 PM. I already finished the hard homework earlier in the day, so I just studied for an exam I would have later that night. I ended up getting an 80% which is a pretty low score to me, but overall I had an excellent day. Actually I don't know what made me do it, I think it was from the stress of getting a "low grade" because I expected to get at least a 90%, and 80% is pretty dang low. So I ended up messing up again later that night, at around 1:30 AM. I think it was a "stress" thing. I mean overall I had an excellent day, but that one event at night made me mess up a streak I held.

Also another thing that made me mess up again was that it was 5 days in, and I realized every second that passed I was setting a new record. So I felt like, if I messed up earlier the better, because if I mess up later, it would be hard to beat that record. I also wanted to experiment if my day would be worse the next day after messing up, like if messing up really had such a profound effect on everything. The past 4 days where I didn't mess up have been excellent, but I wanted to find out if this was due to not messing up or something else. So I just went ahead and messed up.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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