July 29, 2020


Oh gosh, I met a lot of people and clients today. It actually hurts my head. The sessions went very well and my clients are truly happy and glad for it. I thought I could go back and rest but suddenly a friend called for a korean barbeque and drink.

I knew she had something to share (usually when I'm called out, they have some issues to tell haha) and I was right. She didn't really have any issues, more like sharing and wanting validation for it.

I've listened to her and though it is against my own core values, she looks very happy and content about it. All I can say is for her to be careful as she took such path in her life. I also know why she wanted to share to me this because it is a closed door thing and against our usual culture. I understand her reason and motivation to go with it and I'm glad she still trusts me enough to share it with me. I hope she knows, that whatever happens, I'll always be there for her.

Sometimes I don't feel like I'm a good friend, but i tried to compensate what I am lacking. I don't have that many friends and I don't plan to, yet those that I have, I will treasure them. In their toughest times, I will be there for them; I'll try to be there in their good times and I'll always pray for their safety.

One day, I hope to see their smiling faces as they say "I'm truly happy now."

Written by elvena_art

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