July 30, 2020


Well today, I woke up late. Yesterday really took a toll on my body and mind, but I think it's okay. Today is my rest day anyway. I spent the morning in bed, resting and I continued my readings while enjoying some calm music in the background.

Did my chores and continued some of my reports. Somehow I slept again in the late afternoon. It was a bit odd why I would be that sleepy when I think I've slept enough. Now I'm too energetic too even sleep.

Well, I still gotta force myself to sleep early today so that I can wake up early tomorrow. To replace all those times spent sleeping today. I should call this day "Sleeping Thursday" hahaha

Tomorrow, I'm going to do my personal reflection of this month and to plan for August. I think I have a lot to think and plan about.

Written by elvena_art

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