March 13, 2020

2020/03/13 - "Hamsterkäufe" and Corona



We wrote a BWR exam today. Our teacher desperately wanted us the nr. 10 right is seems as he always gave it back several times saying we should look at our drawing. Strange as well, no teacher does that. But anyway, that way we may get one additional point.

My sister and I went shopping. On the way we made panorama pictures. She even made one in the supermarket. I was on it too and she asked what i did... Well, I picked the piece op paper up I accidentally dropped. Also, there was no toilet paper!! From the wet toilet paper the cheaper version was empty but I bought one of the more expensive ones (I mean, it was just about 20ct), for security reasons as I don't know if we get something later. Just in case, I don't really think it'll be that way.

The noodles were nearly empty as well. One person said he just wanted to eat some noodles, he doesn't like rice and I overheard another one saying you' have to go to a few different supermarkets to get everything. It's crazy.

Now, For the rest of the day, I'll take some experiments in Processing. And my sister wanted to do the KAtherine-Seven-Google conversation. I have forgotten my part.


Last paragraph didn't come to Happen. Instead i typed in the lyrics of "Seek the truth" in greek and "o cheimonas fefgei tora" which i also tried to translate. It went pretty good actually. Then i began to draw the goal map due to the habitica task and it was fun. But I'm not finished yet. Still need to draw the job and greek path and add some things to the church and the flute path. But for all of them i don't really know what to write. I don't even know how to create a path. For job. Okay i want to be a pastor. Yeah, i need to study. Of course i want to do missionary in Greece. But how? When? What? Else? . And for church... Getting more technical knowledge. Band - what to write that's not on the flute path already.

Anyway.... Tomorrow's still another day, let's go to sleep.



Written by Plesi`

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