July 30, 2020

Walked in the Dark

11:31 PM

Time is going by so fast. So very fast. I can't really keep up. Tonight I have this new thing I'm working on, and then I also have a homework assignment due at 1 AM. Before the day ends though, I want to mess up one last time, because it's related to the new thing I'm working on.

Oh yeah I have messed up several times throughout the day. At least 3-4 times throughout the day. No unfortunately I wasn't keeping track. I wrote about it in my entry for yesterday, but yes, I did mess up again after a certain event. Due to messing up though, I had this brilliant, brilliant idea in the morning while using the bathroom. I contemplated my messing up and how my streak was messed up... and... streak.... that was the new idea. I worked on it this morning and a little bit tonight.

I'm frustrated because there's no way I'll finish that new thing tonight, it's already very late, I'd have 29 minutes to finish it and there's just no way. So anyway, I do want to mess up one last time tonight, because it's related to what I'm working on.

It rained outside today, and it was dark and cloudy out. Very dark and cloudy, and rainy. At 7 PM, even though on a normal day it would still be pretty bright outside, tonight it was dark due to the clouds. I ended up just walking outside my neighborhood with an umbrella. I could have used a flashlight, but walking in the dark made it more exciting. Most of the time I couldn't see the path in front of me due to it being so dark (but also some cars would pass by every 20-30 seconds and reset my eye's night vision), and there are lots of twists and turns.

Good thing I knew where all the potholes were, so if I knew where I was and I could tell by looking at the trees or buildings nearby, I knew if there was a pothole near me or not. If there was a pothole, obviously I'd walk very slowly trying to feel the ground so that I wouldn't accidentally step down a hole a quarter foot lower than normal and sprain my ankle or something. Sometimes the path would be slippery too out of nowhere, and I would almost slip, in which case I'd yell out and thank everything for not slipping. There are some weird parts of the sidewalk that are just made of different material for some reason, some parts are painted like the crosswalks, and I almost slipped on those. It was dark, rainy, no flashlight, but I had a good time reflecting on things.

Anyway that's pretty much my day. Work was alright. I am very sleepy right now as I type this. I still have to mess up one more time before 12 Am, and then I have to complete my homework before 1 AM tonight. I would work on the new thing I'm working on, but there is just no time to fit it all in.

Written by JustMegawatt

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