March 13, 2020

well-oiled, well-boiled

Meracydia made a new friend today. "Hi, big dragon! I'm going to be as big as you someday!"

At work, our office is a well-oiled machine. I attribute this to a few factors: First, Habitica has made me way more productive. Second, we've had a bunch of easy projects. Third, my boss's style lends itself to quick output. She's practical, values brevity, and, if the outcome is obvious, she doesn't sweat the small stuff. She's basically the opposite of my first boss.

We're so efficient that yesterday, we ran completely out of work to do. I finished my project and turned it in, and my boss was like "Huh. Is everyone done?" (We were.) So she gave us today off. Thanks, boss!

Unfortunately, I think we're still expected back in the office on Monday, even though it's not like extra work is going to materialize over the weekend. (We're not due for anything more for the next couple weeks. Going to work under these circumstances seems a bit irresponsible. But I'm not going to jeopardize my own position by being the one to ask "Hey, can I work from home the next couple weeks? :D :D :D")

Anyway, I will take what I can get. Any day where I can sleep in and wake up in a golden bowl of sunlight is a good day.

Also, I went grocery shopping in the morning and it was a refreshingly normal experience. The store was quiet; just a few people doing their usual shopping. Shelves were fully stocked. Everyone ignored the stacks of toilet paper, including me, since I have plenty. Just another day at Save-A-Lot.

Written by Achaius

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