July 31, 2020

clears don't exiiiist

Over on board 8, NFUN is running a character battle tournament. He held nominations like two years ago, but never got around to running the tourney until now. It's been a pretty lowkey affair (single-digit votals, no drama) but still nostalgic.

Wednesday's match was Ushiromiya Battler (Kan's nom) vs. Gregor Clegane. MPFC Battler is an ungodly mess and I love it. Kan even came back to the board to defend his boy. "Damn," he said in Discord, "think I pushed Battler into winning his totally-not-mpfc match. Feels good to bring the old fast talk + neat facts combo out again, it's been way too long."

When you think about it, Battler winning matches through fast talk + neat facts is exactly how it should be. meta world is real confirmed


Meanwhile, I won't be around this weekend (going to visit my parents woooo) so instead, numbers managed to organize the fabled MIDWEEK RAID. We met Thursday at 7 pm, which is during Silver's normal waking hours, so he was awake and spry and the two of us got right to telling newbie he would make a very moe vtuber. (numbers threatened to ban us all.) But it's 1 am Luis' time, so it's tough for him. Scheduling is hard.

Ifrit is also hard.

[CWLS1] <Silver> GwooooooooooooOoooOOoh! Clears don't exiiiiist!

We didn't make any new prog this week; we're still refining the earlier stages of the fight so we can be alive for the later stages to make prog happen. (Well, we saw the flame tornadoes during Rakta's chain phase for like three seconds. I guess that counts as prog.) Also numbers hates this fight because the boss is just like "screw you" to positionals. It shows in the rankings; dragoon and monk both drop below machinist. Monk is actually below dancer, which is just embarrassing.

My dps is also in the gutter. Heat schedule is a mess at the moment. Enrage is going to be interesting; but we've gotta get there first.


edit (7/31): HGR was like "is there really enough to write about every raid session" so I was telling him about Battler's match and he was SO disdainful lmao this boy has no Battler respect. "He's a vanilla human!!" Though he did suggest that Battler could break into a police station (there's an urban area, there's gotta be a police station) and get a gun and just shoot Gregor. That works I guess.

Written by Achaius

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