July 31, 2020

Goodbye July

12:12 AM (of Saturday, August 1st 2020)

Today is Friday, July 31st 2020 and it's the last day of July 2020. There is no more July after this. How I felt today was that time was a slow moving truck, and I tried my best to pull it back and hold it in place, but all my pulling was insignificant and couldn't slow it down at all. I tried to say, "hey time, slow down a little, give me a break," but time just kept on marching forward.

Lots of things happened to me in July. I shaved my hair, shaved my mustache, and became a new person on July 4th.

After that I had a 4 day streak of not messing up after July 4th (I lasted until July 8th or 9th), and then I messed up a bunch of times until July 25th, then I held a new record streak of having 5 days of not messing up, and then I messed up 3-4 times yesterday and 3 times today. And I say again that's the last time I'll mess up, but who knows?

Today as the last day of July was alright. I spent a lot of time today following the Lakers and JaVale. I actually don't even care about basketball all that much, but once JaVale started his vlog, I became a lot more interested. These giant basketball player millionaires are just normal guys, having fun They're really tall and they're really rich, but are just pretty normal people. They sleep, wake up, change, walk around, eat food, poop, clean up, etc. They're not perfect, they get tired, they get injured, they miss shots all the time and they have to try to compete and win against other teams, nothing just comes to any of them easily.

When I watched some basketball games from the ground floor point of view, it was basically like watching a normal basketball game with some normal guys at a random neighborhood court, the only difference is these guys are exceptional at the game. It's also interesting to see 6'8" people as short, because from JaVale's point of view he sees above their heads. Anyway I'm rooting for the Lakers and JaVale McGee this year. I hope they make it to the finals and win, so that JaVale can get his 3rd ring.

Other than basketball, I also watched some Avant Garde Vegan after work. I feel like Gaz Oakley is a beautiful human being, he says himself he uses his culinary cooking skills and expertise as his own form of activism for the animals and it fulfills him greatly. I want to have a similar life purpose as him, though my specialty wouldn't be cooking.

Another channel I was inspired by today was The Happy Pear channel. These two twin "bros", male models, grew up together in Ireland but went their separate ways in college to study in different countries in different continents. If I recall correctly one went to Canada, the other brother went to South Africa. Somehow even though they were both separated and lived entirely separate experiences in completely different environments, they both became vegetarians within the same week and when they met up again in Ireland a few years later they were both vegan. This was back in 2002 when there were barely any vegans at all, so I find it so amazing a coincidence something like that could ever happen.

When they got back, they took out some loans to buy a vegetable store in Ireland, they turned it into a store/cafe, and that's how the Happy Pear was created. In their channel they have a bunch of cooking and recipe videos, but I watched only their business advice and lifestyle videos.

Anyway I did not get to walk outside today because I was watching some videos and when I looked at the time it was already almost 8 PM. I spent another hour watching some videos, showing some to my dad, and then at around 9 PM I worked on some projects.

There were some wasteful activities like messing up and wasting time that I want to leave back in July. August is a new month and I plan on catching up on everything I'm behind on such as my logs and finances, and I plan on walking 10k steps every day of the month in August. It's August 1st tomorrow, so it will be a new start. With August, I don't plan on "messing up" or messing it up. It's another "new me" experience so I'll try to make it good.

Written by JustMegawatt

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