Aug. 1, 2020

First day of August

11:46 PM

I think today was a pretty good day. However, I think I spent too much time on YouTube again. This morning I didn't really do much. I took pictures for my logs, and then felt pretty good about having enough time to work on other things, but I didn't get into doing anything else. I was mainly on YouTube throughout the entire day until I walked around outside at 9 PM and got my 10k steps in.

I now know every player in the Los Angeles Lakers, what they look like, some of their stats, and even their positions. I now know different basketball positions such as center, point guard, power forward, small forward, and shooting guard. I know some of the Lakers' salaries as well and LeBron has a huge gap on everybody else at around $40 million. I think the next person who earns the most earns about $10 million in salary. I know JaVale's salary is $4 million, and J.R. Smith's salary is extremely low at around $300,000. For an NBA player, that is the lowest salary I've seen.

I've also started watching some NFL players like Cam Newton, well, only Cam Newton. His salary is only about $1.75 million a year, and he is one of the top players in the NFL. Apparently he is ranked one of the lowest in terms of salary, with many other average players having over $10 million. Cam Newton has his own vlog just like JaVale and he also gets millions of views on his videos. There's probably not going to be an NFL season this year, but I hope Cam Newton the best for whenever the next season start.

Apparently today, the Lakers lost against the Raptors, who were the champions last year. I didn't really know who the Raptors were, I'd never heard of them before so I thought they were some random average team that the Lakers lost to, so I was disappointed in their lost. After hearing they lost against the previous year champions, and apparently the Lakers haven't beaten them in a single game in over six years, their loss felt less disappointing.

Other than that I basically spent way too much time on YouTube just learning about these things. I know so much "useless information" now. Basketball positions, NFL plays, etc, that won't really help me out much. I do like that the games are recorded in strong detail though, with literally every event being transcribed and searchable by minute and second, sort of like a chess game. The ESPN site has all the events like "JaVale rebounds the ball and passes it to Danny Green", has a minute marker, and they even have an semi-interactive basketball court graphic that shows where the players are standing at any given time, again sort of like a chess match showing all the positions.

Anyway just what am I doing with my life? Sure I'm rooting for these guys, I hope they win the championships in their sports, but I've got to focus on my own life. Tomorrow I'm going to dedicate my time to myself, catching up on things I'm behind on, and working on my own projects, and studying. That sounds like a lot to fit in a day, but if I'm not focusing on anybody else, I think it's possible. We'll try it and I'll write about it.

Written by JustMegawatt

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