Aug. 2, 2020

Second Day of August

11:58 PM

Okay that's not a very creative title. I woke up this morning at around 7 AM because my mom was playing some loud music and dancing. Ugh, I could've slept for another hour or two since I fell asleep last night at 1 AM. I actually still remember my dream from last night. It was pretty violent and very mature themed though so I'm hesitant to write about it. Yeah it would be weird to describe. I don't remember the story anymore, just the visuals of what I remember seeing. It's things I don't typically see in a dream.

Anyway I didn't complain about being woken up too early on a Sunday, I just woke up and took some log photos. The light in the kitchen broke for some reason, so I took all my pictures in semi-darkness. There's a bit of light coming in from the windows, but every photo was a bit darker due to there being no light. My selfies were pretty dark too.

After that I worked on some very productive things for the next 2-3 hours and I actually got a lot of work done. However things started to go wrong after breakfast because I watched videos while eating and that lead me down a dangerous unproductive path. It was a good thing I already got a decent amount of work completed, but I wasn't productive the rest of the day. For breakfast I prepared a bunch of lentils, rice, flax seed, 6 meatless meatballs, and an avocado. That meal was freaking delicious. I like lentils even more than beans, and the avocado was only 60 cents too at Aldi's (price fluctuates there all the time, lowest I've seen an avocado was for 49 cents, and it's a normal Hass avocado too).

Anyway I watched some videos and then I resumed working for a bit. One of my dad's friends who is an electrician came by to see what was wrong with the lights in the kitchen, I just stayed in my room and worked. I felt very sleepy around 1:30 PM after working for a while, either from working a bunch or from the volume of food I ate or from not having enough sleep last night or a combination of everything, and so I took a nap. I woke up at around 2 PM feeling very refreshed,

I ate some more food and then since I watched videos while I ate, I just went on a YouTube binge. One thing lead to another and I discovered a small YouTuber named Action Jackson. He has 1.29k subscribers on his main account and then only 63 subscribers on his Action Jackson account. He had an entire "episode" on a larger YouTuber's account though just by being one of that guy's larger Patreon supporters. That gave me an idea to fund people on Patreon.

For a few hours I browsed around for people I wanted to support, and I ended up pledging a total of $100 a month distributed between different people I wanted to support. The last person I supported was Action Jackson, and I was hesitant to even support him since he only had 63 subscribers and I barely knew this guy. Based on his content though, he was good. so I supported him, and I messaged him telling him that I found him through that larger YouTuber and thought his content was great. He got back to me telling me I was his first official Patron and the other person was his mom so she didn't count. That made me laugh out loud.

Anyway the time passed by very quickly after this. I don't recall much, except I chat some of the people I pledged to, and watched some more videos. Around 9:30 PM I went out to get my 10k steps in. I was planning on getting it at 5 PM, but I was distracted by other things. A friend texted me saying he was interviewing for a job and wanted me to ask him practice interview questions, I could have done it while I was walking but he said he couldn't be on a call until later tonight, so I just walked. We kept texting for a bit while I was walking, and I walked until around 11 PM, taking my 10k steps.

When I got back home I half-worked, half-listened to videos. It wasn't productive. I ended up not getting that much done, but I had already finished a bunch in the morning so I think overall it balanced out. Anyway that was my day today, I don't think it was that bad.

Written by JustMegawatt

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