Aug. 3, 2020

july gratitude

  1. artfight!!!
  2. mom and dad brought like a million groceries, including: so many bao (char siew, red bean, sesame), pork chops, a ton of fruits, and an entire chocolate cake
  3. then we went on a Grand Pokemon Tour and I put pokemon in six gyms
  4. also, lucky Zekrom. thanks Dad!
  5. lmao the artfight site quit choking long enough for me to post my first attack
  6. happy independence day! (observed)
  7. oh hey got Tiferet on the 5th step (I was prepared to 9-step for her) plus bonus Dark Lavateinn and Dark Parashu
  8. finished my axolotl room rater pic!! I think I got the essentials down - art, plants, books, dinosaur plushies
  9. love it when the boss buys discount spears and then chucks us through the spears, snapping them and ruining his own attack
  10. update: 150 coins. not bad at all, that's three-fourths of the way to a box upgrade
  11. back on the wagon (the wagon is chaos;child)
  12. team rocket balloons! tbh I thought rocketstops were one aspect of the game they couldn't replicate in quarantine, but I was wrong. niantic balloon is foreshadowing obv
  13. the sound of rain (actually a power washer) on the windows
  14. F I N A L L Y fedex came with the prescriptions
  15. slept early last night and this morning I feel great
  16. shiny shadow koffing! my first shiny shadow, thx james
  17. yesss my pydeer is blue
  18. fitbit decided to classify my 20-minute speedwalk as a "run" and this makes me unreasonably happy. zoom zoom
  19. also I got 200K+ this week for the first time in forever
  20. we beat ramuh!
  21. btw I love being fourth spear
  22. woop finished my Daiki-no-Kami drawing (who knew it was so difficult to draw a wolf lounging on the back of a couch, looking out the window. some of the proportions/details are wonky but I'm still v pleased overall)
  24. with my challenge winnings + apologems, I got the floating island background in habitica. a quality investment
  25. not too hot these past few days, v nice for mid-july
  26. a chill after-dinner balcony walk (stretching out my hand to feel the rain outside) and then an evening nap (the fabled SECOND NAP)
  27. a perfectly ripe mango
  28. was feeling tired all day, but after an afternoon walk I'm rejuvenated and spry
  29. daily memento summon has been wild this week, first gorm and now laila (both new)
  30. porkghetti (now with peanut sauce!)
  31. 11% on ramuh!!
  32. ifrit/garuda p fun so far
  33. stayed up until 4 am finishing the chaos;child common route! so good. very glad hgr convinced me to stick with it. serika oone ftw
  34. now I'm impulse-reading a manga for mpfc (ib: instant bullet). the days are just packed
  35. finished season 1 of kaguya-sama! quality time with HGR. also, lmao ramen kings
  36. read two books and a manga series in three days (Minor Mage, Kameron Hurley's The Light Brigade, ib: Instant Bullet) I'M BACK
  37. ooooof finally got my act together at work and finished project phase 1
  38. who knew there was a hidden stash of CHOCOLATE in the cabinet (answer: me, who put it there three weeks ago and then forgot about it. thanks, me)
  39. whoa you don't need a GO fest ticket to get the GO fest spawns?? thanks Niantic
  40. 13% on Ramuh! 14K barrier BROKEN
  41. finished keiji pic (snacking and playing mobile games at 5 am). stylistically I'm very happy with it: sketchy pen shading just feels way better than going for super clean lines, which usually end up feeling awkward/stiff
  42. oreo ice cream cake. I make good life decisions
  43. 32k steps today yeahhh
  44. woop gps drift put me in range of the gym while it was red. that's 43 delicious pokecoins
  45. a liberating feeling: taking ALL the plasticware in the dish rack (which has sat there untouched since March, because I only use it for sack lunches) and putting it away in ziploc bags in the drawer
  47. !summer vacation! (visiting parents for the weekend woooo)
  48. today I am grateful I don't have more Magni Historia units so I don't have to do their hard quests LOL

Written by Achaius

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