Aug. 3, 2020

Eventful Day

11:36 PM

Today was a little bit more eventful than normal. I woke up this morning at around 7 AM, last night I fell asleep at around 1 AM I believe. This video topic idea popped into my head today, and I immediately just worked on making a video. It took me a while to get things set up for it, but eventually I was able to record a video, and I recorded one about 30 minutes long. I uploaded it online before work started and I spread it around some social media sites (only Discord). I spread that link around in like 5-10 different Discord servers and I only got 9 views total as of this writing. I think sharing it around on Discord isn't really an effective strategy.

Anyway work was normal. I completed my self-evaluation performance review today and submitted it. I also worked on and completed some other items. Oh, and during noon, I went out for a walk and I went to this nearby park and just walked around without a shirt on because it was hot. A friend wanted me to mock-interview him so I called him up and I asked him some basic questions. After that I went back home and resumed work, I got a decent amount of work done.

After work, it was about 3 days since I last messed up. It was so hard for me to resist, and so I couldn't resist. I messed up again today, just once though. At least I didn't mess up multiple times. Due to that, I had to reset my streak, so now I'm back at 0.

I watched some videos and I wanted to go out for a walk at around 9 PM, but my phone died and I had to charge it. I ended up walking outside at around 10 PM, and I came up with a bunch of ideas while walking.

I figured one of the people I was supporting on Patreon actually has potential to become president one day based on his current path and trajectory, he makes a lot of political videos and articulates his points better than even active politicians. I messaged him on Patreon when I got back home letting him know of that idea I had and how he actually might be able to make it. It's very unlikely but as long as he has enough support he would make it.

Anyway due to me messing up earlier today, I am feeling very sleepy. I'm just going to sleep. Those are the events that made today more eventful than the previous workdays.

Written by JustMegawatt

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