Aug. 4, 2020

Phone Died Today and Conspiracy Theories

11:18 PM

I fell asleep last night at around 12 AM and I woke up this morning at around 6 AM. There wasn't anything in particular that should have woken me up, so I think I just naturally woke up at this time. This morning I basically didn't do that much, just worked on some personal projects and managed to complete some items. Oh yeah, I messed up again this morning and it was the worst experience I had afterwards.

Work was one of the worst experiences for me today. I didn't get that much work done, but I tried.

After work, I watched some more of Action Jackson's videos and he has a bunch on conspiracy theories. It's so freaking interesting to learn about, I can't say that I believe in anything he talks about, but it's just so interesting to learn. Conspiracy theories are interesting in that there's no definitive proof for these claims, just coincidental events and findings or even straight up hoaxes.

I learned for example why there are some people angry at others for wearing masks. Apparently the conspiracy theorists believe it's because the government is using it as a warm-up exercise for us to become complicit and obeying everything they say. They say it's the first step in everyone begging for vaccinations, and vaccinations will be used to mind control us. Yeah so the CDC says masks and social distancing can help mitigate virus spread, and then the conspiracy theorists will say that's a government population control technique.

One fascinating conspiracy theory that I can see myself believing in was the hollow earth theory, or Agartha. I guess there's a mix of fact with mostly fiction, to make up a convincing conspiracy theory. There are definitely thousands of miles of caverns underneath the earth, for example Mammoth cave which is 415 miles long, and high enough to fit skyscrapers in. There are also a lot of very deep caves, a lot of caves where we haven't actually reached the bottom yet.

The theory goes that the earth is hollow and that there is a civilization that lives beneath us, and that the entrances to the inner world are at the north and south poles. I don't believe that last sentence of there being another civilization and that the north and south pole are entrances, but I am very fascinated by the thousands of miles and depths of caverns. That's very fascinating to learn about. I think the hollow earth theory is more credible than the stupid flat earth one, but oh no. I just came up with an idea of combining the two... What if the earth is flat, and hollow? Those conspiracy guys are going to go wild with a flat hollow earth.

After that I charged my phone up and left it there for an hour. When I came back it was still at 0%, nothing I did would turn it on or allow it to charge. So my phone died. It's officially dead, can't turn it on ever again. I ordered a new sim card for another phone that I use to take photos. I guess that's my main phone now.

After that I walked outside starting at around 9 PM. I got my 10k steps in. I would actually write more but I'm very sleepy right now. There was so much I could have written about with the conspiracy theories and other things, but I'm just so sleepy. It's now 12 AM and I'm going to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Aug 06, 2020

flat hollow earth lmaooo 🤣 I love that! Yeah, imagine...we haven't been to the deepest parts of the ocean yet either and this is just our own planet! There is so much out there still unexplored.

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