Aug. 5, 2020




14:11: I took a shower and then submitted the three It task I had done but not submitted yet.

I feel like getting obsessed with creating challenges... I've made one yesterday and now I created a new guild but with the focus on Greek. Now people have to find it. So I need a new challenge. But I need recources first. And I need to make sure having at least three Gems at the end of the month, just in case they're not in the challenge itself already. So, if anyone is interested in Greek, in whichever form, feel free to join the [GreekLearners]( - Guild. I'm the only member right now, but I hope people who're interested in it join and we can exchange what we learned.

23:32: late again... Uh what did i do... I... Played MKT... And... Nintendogs+Cats and ACNL....and... Well, not much productivity today. Tomorrow I'll edit the challenges slightly. I need some stuff like Haribo for this one task. Actually, also for another, but i don't want to use them for that.

Oh and look: even the Google logo is wearing masks and keeping distance (why is it called social distance? And not just distance? Why not physical distance? Or does it mean not just staying 2m away but avoid unimoortant meetings?)

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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