Aug. 5, 2020

The day I ordered 210 Clif Bars

7:20 AM (of Thursday, August 6th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, August 5th, 2020, and the week has gone by very fast. I fell asleep last night at around 1 AM and I woke up this morning around 7 AM. I made a new "Project" in the planner today, and I called it "Wednseday, August 5th 2020". I added a bunch of to dos I wanted to get done today, one was the for the discussion assignment homework, another was walk 10k steps, and then the last was the writing homework assignment. In the morning I worked on the discussion assignment and I messed up again before work started.

This time I didn't feel terrible after messing up unlike yesterday. Yesterday was one of the worst experiences I've ever felt for some reason and it took me a long time to recover from it. Today it was just alright, and I didn't feel so encumbered after.

Work was normal, it was pretty easy to work on things. I got a decent amount of work done throughout the day.

After work I discovered and watched some emplemon videos, who is apparently another vegan. When I first saw his name I thought "Emple Mon", sort of like a pokemon or digimon. It turns out his name is supposed to be Emp Lemon, like emperor lemon. He makes documentary videos that are informative and fun to watch about the very niche and nerdy cultures such as gaming and other online forms of entertainment. I watched his Rick and Morty video, his Twitter "Blue Check Mark" documentary and his "HungryBox Super Smash Bros" documentary. They were pretty good and informative.

For Clif Bars, I have this collection of "Limited Edition" Clif Bars that I am not to eat. I purchased a bunch of Clif bars last month in bulk with around 40 in total, and I decided to save one of each flavor I got since they were all the "Limited Edition" Cilf Bars. I kept them in a drawer, and they were a reminder of self-discipline, that even though they were there, I wouldn't eat them. Well I wrote about how I messed up that morning, which always makes me feel very hungry afterwards. So, I ended up eating through my 4 limited edition Clif Bars which made me feel really bad afterwards and self-reflecting on how weak my discipline game was. Anyway due to that, I ended up ordering all 6 Limited Edition Cilf Bars online (I only had 4 before), just one of each which were $1.45 each, the total was around $8 with $7 shipping. When these arrive I'm going to store these new ones in the drawer again and not eat them as a new symbol of self-discipline.

I also, just for fun, searched on eBay for some Clif Bars. I found one listing that had 68 Clif Bars for $35 (it was $25.99 with $10 shipping). That's about 50 cents each! The description said their "Best By" date was 2019, which is why they were trying to sell it all. Anyway they had 3 of these bulk items in stock, so I bought all 3 which gave me a total of 204 Clif Bars (210 if you count the other 6 I bought). That's a lot of Clif Bars. The reason I ordered these was, I had this crazy idea to eat only Clif Bars for a month, just eating 8 of these a day. It is such a crazy idea.

But now I can't wait for the 204 Clif Bars to arrive. What's it going to look like having so many? The most I bought before at once was probably 2 of those 24 Clif Bars bulk items from Costco, and that was already a lot, those 48 Clif Bars took up a lot of space. Now I'm having 4x that. It's going to take up a lot more space. I'm imagining 200 Clif Bars on the floor and just being able to swim in them. They were all the Chocolate Chip flavor too which is my favorite, that's their best one and I've tried a lot of their flavors.

Anyway I did some other things that night such as posting some answers to people on one of the people I'm supporting on Patreon. Apparently he does a Q&A once a month, and I thought I could help out by answering some questions. You know what happened? I spent like an hour answering some questions legitimately and I thought they were all good and correct, but when I refreshed the page none of my answers showed up. I think he ended up blocking me. I asked one question which was "Why don't my answers show up?" and even that question did not show up. I think I was blocked!

After that I started on my homework, and I think I did decently. I answered all the questions in a decent manner, and the answers should be correct. However for essay assignments, it's hard to know what grade you'll get.

I ended up finishing the homework at around 1 AM and was really tired but I accidentally messed up again before going to sleep. I figured today was just a really stupid day. I didn't walk 10k steps today, I ordered 210 Clif Bars, I messed up twice, and I spent an hour answering questions and ended up being blocked. It was a fun day though, I can't take that away from it. It was a stupid day, but it was also a fun one.

Oh yeah my phone still does not work. It cannot turn on ever again. I didn't write about it before, but all my apps, contacts, photos, videos, etc, everything that was on that phone, is gone permanently. I don't really feel that much from that to be honest. It's weird, I barely used the phone, and it still managed to break like this after just a few years. My iPhone 4 lasted me 5 years and it actually never broke or anything, this LG phone barely lasted 3 before completely failing. The power button for my phone actually does not work either, I can only turn the screen on by using the fingerprint unlock or by plugging it in and unplugging it (since the phone wakes when plugged in). This time the battery died. It's a good thing I can the battery, maybe it will be able to turn again if I do that? I don't know, It doesn't even turn on when just plugged in.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Aug 06, 2020

Oh no! Losing so much data :/ My older phone recently also didn't turn on or load again, but I didn't use it anyway and only tride to get it on to have a flashlight... Once I managed to somehow accidentally deleting IbisPaint, which deleted all the Artworks I had done on this device... I felt bad that day, how must it be then to lose more than that?... I don't know, i try to store the important thinks also on the cloud (GooglePhotos) or on my GoogleAccount (Contacts). Yeah, a negative side nowadays, you can't open the battery-case. Removing it was a good trick back then when the phone suddenly froze. My old phone lasted also for 5 years or so, then I bought a new one. Battery life got low, it was getting slower and slower and didn't work correctly. Like, a few times when I was shopping and just wanted to ask mom if that was what she wanted via a photo, it just decided to restart... several times... I hope my current phone lasts long, I am not financially stable to compensate a loss 😂

Posted On Aug 07, 2020

@Plesi` Yeah that is the problem with phones today, you cannot switch out the batteries, but technically they should last longer. If you can't get a new phone, I recommend just being a used old one on eBay for cheap. iPhone 4s are selling for $40 today, I was considering buying one to use as my main phone when my current one broke, but I remembered I already have a second phone I use for photos.

Posted On Aug 07, 2020

@lays_chips To do that I have to press "Connect USB and Transfer Files" on the phone itself, but my phone never gets pass the "0%" battery charging screen.

Posted On Aug 07, 2020

@lays_chips Yeah the cable can charge other phones just fine, and the connector works since the screen turns on when I plug it in. It just never passes 0% and I can't do anything else with it. I'll try ordering a new battery for it and see if that does anything.

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