Aug. 6, 2020

First time I watched an NBA game

7:31 AM

Last night I fell asleep at around 1:30 AM after working on homework and messing up, and then I woke up this morning at 7 AM. This morning I worked on some personal projects, which was not bad. This morning was productive for me, but I did end up messing up again.

After that was work, and it was decent. Actually compared to other days, it was not a great day.

After work I didn't do much. I did a lot of internet browsing and the time just went by quickly. I didn't even walk 10k steps outside or work on any projects or anything like that.

At around 9:30 PM, I went on Twitch and just searched for the Lakers vs Rockets game that was going on at that same time. Apparently to watch an NBA game you need to have a subscription with TNT or ESPN, but some guy online was streaming it. Every few minutes he would cut off the audio for the game and announce "yo follow me on Twitter, follow me on Instagram" while there was a kid or baby crying in the background. Anyway it was fun to watch the NBA game, I actually knew what was going on since I knew the name and appearance of every player in the Lakers.

Two or three of the Lakers starting line-up today was not participating. LeBron was out due to a groin injury. JaVale was out due to coach's decision wanting to experiment and see how the team would do without him. I'm not sure why Caruso is out, it might be for the same reason JaVale is out, just due to coach's decision. Apparently this is referred to as "DNP-CD" which is "Did not play, coach's decision".

I watched the Lakers get wrecked that night and it was so bad to watch. I was also on Twitter, although I don't have an account (actually I do have an account, I just haven't used it in several years), and several of the Lakers were trending that night. Danny Green was trending a day or two prior because he kept missing all his shots. In 20 shots or something, Danny Green only made 2, which got a lot of people upset on Twitter. Tonight it was every else's turn to get roasted, I saw people hating on Quinn Cook, JR Smith, Dion Waiters, and Dwight Howard, telling each one of these players to be benched permanently or even removed from the NBA. Everytime there was some shot or something missed, Twitter would have a storm of new tweets for the game, it was fun to watch in real time.

I saw tweets tagging each one of those players, individually saying they were the "worst player", and other insults. Even Danny Green was being hated on, even though he did decent tonight. Actually I think his confidence has been rocked. He did not even attempt any 3 point shots since he missed around 18 out of 20 shots recently, and so every point he made was probably from a layup or something close to the hoop.

Before the second half of the game started, some guy in the Twitch chat said "TOS guys", and I guess it refers to some Twitch employees coming in and watching the stream, checking for any violations towards the TOS. The streamer immediately switched to himself on the camera, and over 100 people left the stream within the next 10 seconds, there was only around 110-150 people total watching (it varied every minute). I stayed and just watched, like, what was going on? This guy showed his kid on the camera, he talked about his personal life, hours he worked at a hospital (80-100 hours a week), etc. I didn't really care about any of that. and I thought this part of the stream was going to be temporary only until the second half break was over, but he went on for a while until he said he would go to sleep which was before 8 PM in his timezone. That's a really early sleep time, I would love to have that.

Anyway after that I just browsed Twitter to see a live update of the game (every time they something happened someone would tweet about it). Until around 12 AM, and then I worked on homework. I don't know why I procrastinated for so long, but yeah it wasn't bad. I think the answers I gave were actually great, and I think I managed to answer the question well. We'll see how I do in my review though.

After that I went to sleep without messing up. I was already way too sleepy to do anything else anyway, because I was already starting to drift asleep while working on homework. So I just went to sleep, and just immediately fell asleep just like every other night. If I try to sleep at 8 PM, I don't think I would fall asleep instantly, it would probably take a few hours of just lying around, trying to lower my energy levels to be able to sleep.

Anyway that was my day today, it was very uneventful.

Written by JustMegawatt

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