Aug. 9, 2020

2020/08/09 - OpenAir Church #2

2020/08/09 🍋


I slept pretty bad last night. A mosquito was keeping me awake, and when it wan't there for some time i couldn't sleep either. Once I awoke and was scratching my arm wildly, so i must have slept a bit, just not deeply. Also I dreamt something shortly. But now I can't tell where the mosquito must have stung me...

I was still awake around 3am :/

I woke up a minute before 6am. I tried to get ready, but didn't feel that well. All the time i felt like having a weak headache. I could only pray....

So i had a yoghurt for breakfast and drank half a cup of iced coffee... i had some time left so i laid down in bed, but seriously, it didn't get better, and felt not nice. So I stood up again and decided to go. I don't know when I arrived, but it was just like 2 minutes it felt before Christoph and David arrived and we started loading...

So when we arrived we brought everything down the meadow. We started to connect everything. Surprisingly Christoph asked on what "lines" I'll tell them what comes to... surprisingly, because i thought they use the same schema every time. No one had a physical copy or so, but i rememebred not having removed the papers we got last time. So I had it and how quickly I had a task 😂 At least something... I know just roughly what to connect, but then the cables are lying here and there next to some things and i don't know if someone had given them a purpose or not so I wait and watch if i see something i'm 100% certain I can do.

This time i did not only the recording but also the volumne. So I walked aroun while Christoph played because he had talked to me as I had written on the forum that I could do it but am not certain about what is right. So yeah he said we can try, and i walked around and listened how it sounded and analyzed whether I think it's good or not. There really is a difference between left/right and the middle and the front and the back in sound on the open field.

Before nine Lukas arrived and they played shortly. I had "started" - or thought I did - the recording, but nothing came in... As I assumed - i didn't start the recording, I played the previous one -.-

The session started. Everything seemed fine. But then at the end of the last song a message appeared on screen. I didn't read it thoroughly and because I saw Chritoph looking on his phone I wrote on WA to look at it... In the short time I didn't find a good phrasing and just sent a short "Eh..." to get his attention and then "Schau mal..." He unplugged the cable and plugged it in again several times, went to the mixing station to see if it's loose (I assume) but nothing helped. There wasn't much time, then he had to go back because we sang a song, after that he tried again, but no success. So no recording of today... I hope whoever needed one, because a few weren't there, have Internet access and can find a different church session on YT they can take part. One that's not too different from ours, as the Credo-Kirche ' s livestream would probably be a bit... different to what they know. Also, as far as i've seen it, the majority is old/er.

The rest was good. But Mom was angry because I had taken the coconut water I bought yesterday. I didn't know she wanted to try, and she thought when I said I'll drink it there, that it'll stay there... I wanted to drink it, but didn't manage to get it open... :/

Oh, and there were a lot of insects. Before it even started I had found three or four different spiders!!! And I saw a lot of - as I don't know what it is, I'll just call it "mini-flies". They sometimes got lost on the computer or tablet screen. At the end there was even a dead mini-fly!!! (As it seems, it looked not alive). I don't know how that happened.

11:30: so yeah, now I'm currently writing here. I couldn't decide whether I write all that happened after or before this time... well, it's 11:55 now.

Oh, the weather. I forgot that. It was so warm yesterday, at night and this morning in our house!! But when I went outside - this time without a jacket - there were some clouds and it was a bit cool, really nice. The most part it stayed that way and only got warmer slowly. But on that meadow the position of the sun is... well, it blends a bit. When Christoph told me something while I was sitting there, I couldn't really look at him because of the sun, and had to close my eyes while drinking. Only at the end of the session it got so warm!!! And the clouds disapperaed (?). I was sweating a lot after we had put everything together again...

So yeah, that's actually it. We went back, put the things into the church building and said good-bye. Now it... It really is raining! (11:58) and i can't see outside much from the bed but there doesn't come as much light as there would be if it was sunny... How does the weather change so fast!

Christoph had made a joke today saying, we could have started at eleven and the sun would have come out when we were packing to leave. It's super proved, we had 2 times 100% like that 😂 and then said something like, don't trust a study/statistik you didn't cheat on yourself. Oh, it does rain REALLY hard right now! and... is that hail or is it just so strong? God really gave us good weather this morning!!! now it's a bit weaker, but still...

Oh, I found the mosquito bite...

21:35: The rest of the day was a lazy one. Was on my phone, still felt a bit strange so I just laid in bed... I tried the coconut water, but admittedly, I don't like it that well. I hoped I would as it sounds like, but nope...

We ate ice cream. Mom put those lenghty ice "cubes" into my glassed bottle. But they melted so fast, I just wanted to shortly do something and then take a photo :( Maybe next time. I looked for neon textile colours for the MINT project. There were a few nice ones, but they're all too expensive for my bank account. If I worked hat wouldn't be a problem. Nah, maybe I'll coincidentally find some I can afford. I had drained my bank account a bit before. And there I'm saying all the time I need to save... But I've got physical money from mom, so I can go to the store if the opportunity arises. Well, that means, if I can due to my saving process. I have imaginary accounts for different things, one for a Greece vacation and one called "Random" as it's for different things. It's like KA with the difference that i don't have the money in my jacket. And most of the money i have there is on the Greece account. I had lend mom money before, the one she saved for my birthday for a Greece vacation. So yeah, i had asked her last year or so for that and she's so awesome. She really saved, although we don't have that much :D One day I'll go to Greece ^^ . But that's the reason I don't want to spend it for something else. We played ACNL together due to the fireworks there.

22:11: how did that time pass, i just worked on this entry. I had checked out the FeG Forum and saw i had a few unread threads (?). And wrote an answer on one... 3 month later... 😅😂

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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