Aug. 9, 2020

Lots of Twilight Zone, Created New Streaks

6:44 AM (of Monday, August 10th 2020)

Today is Sunday, August 9th 2020 and I spent most of today just watching the new Twilight Zone reboot. Things are going well, I just couldn't force myself to study or do anything productive after watching that series on determinism yesterday. Actually I ended up finishing that series this morning, and I was starved for more, so I watched more, and I found the new Twilight Zone series.

That's pretty much what I did throughout most of the day. I ended up watching a bunch of episodes, and like the reviews stated, most of them sucked a lot. I would say there are only two good episodes I've seen, one is the second episode of the first season with the flight 1015 airplane, and the other is the second season episode where the guy is able to switch bodies with people. The blue scorpion gun is probably my 3rd favorite episode there. The rest of them that I saw, sucked, and I've seen almost every episode.

At some point in the evening I accompanied my dad throwing away some stationary bike parts. I carried this wheel which was probably 50 pounds, and that was cool to carry. I don't know how or why it was so heavy, but it was. It honestly didn't make any sense how heavy it was based on how small it was, but yeah it was heavy. I have carried and worked out with 55 pound dumbbells before, one with each arm, so I could gauge how heavy this wheel was based on that experience. If I search online for stationary bike wheels, they're all light looking, some have spokes. This one was just a solid piece of round metal, maybe it was made of some dense metal like lead, that's the only way it could have been so heavy for being so small.

Anyway after that I continued watching Twilight Zone. That's basically all I did the entire day. I ended up messing up at night again several hours before going to sleep. It was alright, I didn't feel much. I don't recall exactly when I started up both entertainment and messing up again, but I think it was gradual. So I'm going to stop both again. We'll see how long my streak lasts for this time, and I am making an automatic streak for it.

I ended up making some automatic streaks for days in a row I've been caught up on logs, days in a row I've been caught up on finances, days in a row I've walked 10k steps, and days of no entertainment, in addition to days since I last messed up which is my first streak and has been there a while. So right now I have 5 automatic streaks total. As long as I do all those necessary activities every day like be caught up on finances, logs, walk 10k steps, and as long as I can avoid doing some "bad" activities like messing up or watching entertainment, then I don't have to reset those streaks and they'll keep counting upwards. I'll do a streak for journaling too. Okay done.

Great, now I can use my "streaks" basically as a repeating to do list, although it's not a repeating to do list. It's more like an automatic to do list, where as long as I am doing right, the counter goes up. If I do any of the bad things I'm not supposed to do, then I have to reset that counter, which is a painful activity to do.

Anyway that was my day today. We'll see how well the streaks keep me on track. I ended up doing a lot of "bad" activities, but it allowed me to reset and create automatic new streaks for both good activities and bad ones. I'll have to consciously pay attention and not let myself fall prey to anything I consider negative, or else ruin my streaks. I don't want to ruin my streaks.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Aug 11, 2020

@lays_chips Yeah you're right, it was a fly wheel. That's cool, I never knew that's what they were called. It was surprisingly heavy for its appearance.

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