Aug. 12, 2020




10:43: The plumber or someone like that was there today. He was there for a while so I stayed in my room. Then I wanted to do something sport-related and thought I'll do one of Pamela Reif's ones, two people recommended them to me. I thought to do the stretching one... It looks to be not really beginner friendly to me, or to say, I totally didn't manage to do it. So i wanted to look for something else but i don't know what happened. Then my stepdad came in, gave me an envelope and said I could go to the bathroom again. So I did, then I cleared the dishwasher and had breakfast. The bathroom was a little bit dirty, I wanted to clean the bathtube a bit, but in the end the dirt gathered again there but I didn't want to turn on the water again. So now I opened the envelope... I... do wonder... why? (Oh I hear my mom outside). Okay, what was in the envelope? A 5€ bank note... No other note, just this one... I really would like to know why, maybe also from whom, but more for what. Am I supposed to do something special with it? What is the reason? There's no adress on it, so it must be someone who was there.... Well... No one lives here so near to just walk down or anything. I know Stefan was in church yesterday, but I didn't go this time because I have no idea about the topic and don't want to go everytime. He once wrote I gave him... 5€ too much or so (I have bought this Chromebook from him and had given him the 100€ in three... times.) But I'm quite certain it was exactly 100 he got... one 50, one 20, and one 30... I didn't question it. That would be the amount. But I don't know his handwriting. The one on the envelope looks to be written with a "Kugelschreiber" that doesn't have full ink. The letters all have some space in between... But they're on one line. Okay, I have no idea if you can read anything from that. I don't know from who it was or why. But for Stefan, he also wrote the next drink is on him (Where I have to say: He already spent way moer for me before. Once we ordered pizza on the day of praisetime, we had band practice and he from the technical side was also there, and later we ate together before evrything started and he paid for all of us. Then, it feels like every time he invites me to something (looking at this, helping with that and i don't know what, I'm glad I can learn something, he has snacks and insists that i take something. And once, or twice, he even gave me a full pizza... So actually I am the one who had to pay...)). In the end... this one is a mystery, I only thought it could be because of this or so, he was near here yesterday after all and maybe that is his handwriting, but that are just suggestions, in the end.... will I ever know? The thing is... whenever I get something, that has not the reason of a gift or sth, I wonder if I should do something with that (give it someone else or so... ). This may sounds strange, but you never know how God works... Well.... I guess if I'll see when it's time?

20:57: not really productive. Got a bit ready for school. In the evening i brought down 2 buckets of water for mom. Now we had KG and played a bit of, and I'll certainly go to bed now. We'll get a new small group leader who will lead alongside with Louisa... She was called... ehm... Dora? Anyway, I've seen her at chillout a few times...

My phone is getting so hot recently, I've got an ice pack thingie for it to cool so that I don't have to blow on it all the time! Then it got a bit too cool, but that's okay I suppose...


Written by Plesi`

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