Aug. 13, 2020

Experimented a lot

11:54 PM

Last night I fell asleep at around 2:30 AM and I ended up messing up again. I woke up at around 7 AM this morning and I ended up messing up again later today too.

6:40 AM (of Friday, August 14th 2020)

So today is still Thursday, August 13th, I just happened to fall asleep after working on homework and have to continue this the following morning.

So yeah I fell asleep at 2:30 AM after messing up, woke up at around 7 AM, and I would mess up again later. This morning I worked on some hard things I haven't done in years, and it was so much fun. It basically took up my entire morning, and it wasn't as hard as I remembered. I also had a bunch of ideas going through my head, I don't write them down but I should because I don't remember some of them as I'm writing this part the next day. Yes, let's just say there are lots of good things coming.

I'm surprised at how much I can get done in just an hour. Of course there are times I'm working on something and in an hour I get barely anything done, but today in about 1-2 hours, I was able to get a lot done. This morning was a good morning, a very good morning.

Work was great in the morning, so-so in the afternoon. I managed to complete some hard thing at work this morning, something ongoing since last month. Something I didn't have much confidence in being able to complete due to the difficulty, but I was the only person working on it and was in charge and responsible for completing it, so I didn't really have any choice. It was a great moment. This afternoon I then worked on a different hard thing, and that one is still ongoing. I haven't come close to completing it yet, I think. It's hard in a different way.

After work I continued working on the new thing I started working on that morning before work. I was able to complete the rest of it later that evening, and it made me feel very accomplished. I'll continue up on that project along with a different project, once that one is released. I'm pretty excited for what's coming.

Afterwards I replied to some comments by @iyazo and @lays_chips and I read through some of their entries.

I still had my 10k to do today, so I went out at around 10 PM to do the walks. I completed it at around 11:40 PM, this time I went to two paths I had never walked through before (or at least, not that frequently). One path in particular, that was the first time I ever walked down it. I've lived here for about five years now, and I have driven side-by-side this path hundreds of times, I've walked through every other path near it, I've bicycled through it once, I just never walked down this path until tonight.

I had some more ideas during my walk. One idea was to publish a book after I've lost weight. I'm already keeping a weight loss log (but it's private) where I take daily pictures of myself and the scale. I also do a food log (also private) where I record everything I eat in a day. There's also my exercise log (which is public), so I already track so many things. So I think, if I can lose 50 pounds, I would have a record of some great before/after photos, and would be able to also have these entries to add in as evidence for what I did that day.

When I got back home after taking 10k steps, I created a new streak which was Days of Whole Foods Only which I started that midnight. I also started a bit of today's entry, but I quickly switched to working on homework afterwards since it was due at 12:55 AM and I only had an hour to work on it. I was able to complete it in an hour, but I was so sleepy and drowsy. I was seriously dreaming and lapsing in and out of consciousness, as I worked on the homework assignment. After submitting it, I turned off the computer and just went to sleep because I was so drowsy I couldn't keep awake anymore.

I was vague on what I worked on this morning and the other idea I had. Both of them are pretty good things that will be here soon. Anyway, in total I messed up twice today. It didn't mess me up that much, not as much as it did yesterday, because I still completed the other items in my streak.

For some reason I am able to complete my daily tasks so much more easily by making them "opt out" activities (activities that tick up on their own, and if I end up not doing it, then I would have to opt-out by resetting the streak). As opposed to opt-in activities, which are like Dailies in Habitica, where I have to check off a task every day if it's completed. For opt-out activities, which are called Streaks for this website, if I end up doing it then I don't have to do anything, the streak will increment by one by itself, if I end up not doing it, I have to go into the streaks page and reset the counter which is painful.

I've only had to reset one streak so far, and that was for messing up, which is one of my strongest addictions and my record so far this entire year is 5 days. I've added a new streak which was whole foods only. I think the only exceptions I would add to that are Peanut Butter and Clif Bars, which I'll add as a note. Those are the only non-whole foods I'm allowed to have. If I want to not eat as much, I just have to stop messing up because that always leaves me feeling hungry and tired afterwards and I overeat. If I don't mess up, I don't eat as much throughout the day.

Anyway we'll see how long I can keep my streak up for, for both those things (whole foods only and no messing up). If I'm serious about the book, I have to be serious about my weight loss. Anyway, I had three new ideas today. One of which I was able to start and complete today, the other one will be announced the same day the first one is once it's released, and then the third new idea I announced today (weight loss book) and will be a daily thing I work on until completion which will be a few months.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Aug 15, 2020

Oh, I absolutely have to take notes throughout the day- I'm super forgetful. It really does help to write things down. I feel like physically writing it down I'm more likely to remember than had I not written anything.

I'm glad good things are coming and that work is going well for you. A whole foods only streak seems like quite the challenge to me! I hope that you are able to do well and meet your goals!

Posted On Aug 16, 2020

@lays_chips I'm considering Clif bars are an "exception" food along with peanut butter, just because I have so many Clif bars.

Posted On Aug 16, 2020

@lays_chips I think the ingredients are usually peanuts + oil, sugar too. Oil isn't a whole food, neither is sugar.

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