Aug. 14, 2020

Day 2

Today was an uneventful day. Although it is the last day of my quarantine. So starting tomorrow things will begin to become more interesting. As for what I did today was go thorough my things, as I'm moving houses next week, and played a hell of a ton of Spiral Knights. I got a rid of quite a few things but there is still much to go through. Tomorrow I'm going to go check out the house to decide the placement of furniture, don't really know how exciting that will be.

I didn't end up cutting my mother's hair today, maybe tomorrow? I also seemed to forgotten to look up some videos on the topic of cutting other peoples hair. The only real hair videos I've ever watched are the hair fail ones... I dunno what that should say about what I learned. I guess what not to do?

I had pizza today, I had a vegan pizza, it was very interesting. My mother decided she wanted to try her hand at making a vegan pizza, her choice of "cheese" was I think almond flour....(don't quote me on that)? Even so it was good, but different.

That's about all for today, I need to continue my search for an ice cream shop.

Written by Jammer867

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