Aug. 14, 2020

heroes & zeroes

To recap:

  • ComEd: heroes, worked through the night to get our power restored
  • Comcast: zeroes, doing NOTHING, probably all taking off work to play the new FFXIV patch while I can't because I have no internet

Monday's storm also knocked out the internet in our area. It's Thursday night, and internet service has not yet been restored. The Comcast site gives an ETA of 11:35 pm Friday night.  Is internet service really that much more complicated than electricity?  I doubt it.

Meanwhile, I got a craving to start a new Terraria game and discovered I couldn't because:

(1) On my desktop, I'm logged into Steam, but I don't have the game downloaded.

(2) On my laptop, I have the game downloaded, but I'm not logged into Steam, and it won't let me run the game (a single-player game that I own and have installed on my computer) without logging in.

I also can't continue reading chaos;child because I have access to it via Steam sharing, which requires an online connection.  HGR has always maintained that Steam is trash, and I've always been like "what, no, Steam is great" but I'm starting to see his point here.

On the plus side, I finally beat Omegaland—which, yeah, bad game, but it feels good to actually finish something.  Turns out I was making things much more difficult than they should have been because I didn't know about the engineers' health upgrades in the castle attic.  And now I'm back to playing Lenna's Inception.

edit (8/14, 11:30 am): WE'RE BACK WOOOOO

Written by Achaius

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