Aug. 14, 2020

Productive Friday

10:30 PM (of Saturday, August 15th 2020)

Today is Friday, August 14th 2020 and I had a very good day today. I fell asleep last night at 1 AM after working on homework that was due that night, and I woke up this morning at around 6:30 AM or so. The only thing I worked on this morning was the entry for yesterday which I couldn't complete last night due to being too tired to do anything else, I guess the same thing that happened the previous night also happened last night.

Work was okay. I worked on some pretty hard and complicated things so I wasn't able to complete that much today.

After work I just watched some Nathan For You which some guy uploaded on DailyMotion. The guy uploaded the videos image-flipped, zoomed in, and having a sort of old-school TV effect, I guess as a way to bypass the copyright protections? Anyway I saw a few of the episodes the guy uploaded, he uploaded I think the entire series except for the last episode which was a 2 hours special that he didn't have. The reason I started watching his show again was because some memory came up of the guy who was put on television for lifting and moving boxes around. I think that was his best episode by far, and that the Dumb Starbucks, although his most famous episode, wasn't as good.

Every time I watch his show I just laugh out loud a lot, and this time was no exception. The ridiculousness of his ideas and how they bypassed loopholes was just so hilarious and funny. That bodybuilding mover episode was his best one just because of how funny it all was. That ghostwriter's serious expressions about putting Steve Jobs as the bodybuilder's childhood best friend, and how bodybuilder later talked about it on television, was too much. I think his next best episode after that was the haunted house episode, because his idea of the haunted house was a classic. I seriously think that was a superb haunted house idea, although impractical, it was the best idea I've ever seen. His other two good episodes were The Hero and the Shipping Company one about the "musical instrument" fire alarm.

Later that night I'd work on some more things, but I didn't get to finish before I had to walk outside at 10 PM. It takes such a long time to walk 10k steps, I got pretty frustrated about having to walk so late at night, but I still got it done, and I was able to come up with some more ideas as I walked. When I came back home I finished up my logs and finances, and then went to sleep without updating my journal. I had to reset my journal streak tonight because I didn't update it today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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