Aug. 15, 2020

I'm being productive or just busy?

Well, once that's my first entry in this digital daily let me present myself. I'm Gabriel Pace, the first of my name, descendant of a traditional (but forgotten) family in the interior of Brazil.

That's not my first experience with a daily, I'm currently writing the seventh volume of a physical one, that I started in the summer of 2017. But, in these recent days, I can't put a single word down in my physical daily because every time I do, I start thinking about the tree that was felled and the animals that were left without forest and without a home just so I could write in that notebook. I know that the notebook industry is the least problem for deforestation, but I can't control how my brain works. So lately I've been looking for a digital alternative to my diary, and here I am!

An attentive reader already notice that I'm usually don't write my daily entries in English (well, I'm a Portuguese speaker bro, you can't blame me) but I will do an effort to make it happen in English to interact with this AYearAgo community!

Completed presentations, I would like to explore in this entry how my recent experience with Habitica has been.

I (re)started (that was not my first experience with Habitica, but that's a subject for another entry) my self-improvement journey with Habitica about two weeks ago. Since then, I stopped to wake up late without an adequate preparation time before home office hours and started to wake up early (about 6:30AM everyday! an great achievement for my old self, no doubt!), I made little progress in my study of Italian (once frozen) among other personal progress. But, recently, I'm hitting with a barrier about my current approach on Habitica: how can I manage to not overwhelm myself with meaningless activities and carry out coordinated activities that contribute to my long-term goals? I never stopped to sincerely think about the difference between being productive and just being busy, arrogantly thinking that it's too obvious to deserve a real reflection, and now i'm starting to feel lost in meaningless P3 activities.

Written by gmldasilva

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Posted On Aug 15, 2020

Welcome to the site Gabriel! What is a p1 activity? Never heard that phrase before

Posted On Aug 16, 2020

Your English is excellent, I wish that I could speak foreign languages as well, but I don't have the talent for it. I'm also here from Habitica after starting over! I have a similar problem where I join too many challenges and then I have too many things to do in one day, so I have to narrow it down to what I really what to achieve. It's tough

Posted On Aug 16, 2020

@JustMegawatt Hello and thanks by your reading! I was talking about the classification of activities by the Eisenhower matrix, but anyway I made a mistake because I was thinking about a P4 activity when I referred to P1.
In a clear and lean way the Eisenhower matrix classify activities as:
P4 - an not important and not urgent activity - a meaningless activity for your life goals that you should avoid and/or delete from your TODO
P3 - an not important but urgent activity - that you should delegate
P2 - an important but not urgent activity - that you should schedule
P1 - an important and urgent activity - that you should do!
Recently, I'm getting too busy with P4 activities that take my time to do truly productive activities.
Again, thanks by the reading!

Posted On Aug 16, 2020

@gmldasilva Ah thanks for explaining what the Eisenhower matrix is. P4 activities are the worst, they are not in my To Do list but I still do them (watching videos, etc).

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