Aug. 15, 2020

Got a lot done, but mostly relaxed

11:59 PM

I got a lot of stuff done today, a lot of stuff. I fell asleep last night shortly after getting back home at 12 AM, and then I woke up this morning very early at around 5:30 AM. I continued from where I last left off last night, from the work I was doing but didn't complete. I managed to complete that this morning after a few hours. I managed to complete a bunch of things today, I worked from 5:30 AM until around 12 PM, I didn't even eat until around 10 AM just because I was so focused.

In the afternoon, I don't know why, I just watched the rest of all the Nathan For You episodes that were on DailyMotion. I watched them all today, at normal speed. For a lot of videos and shows, watching them at 2x works. However for shows like Nathan For You which is a comedy, watching it at 2x just doesn't work because the joke setups and punchlines occur within the same second sometimes and don't leave much time to react before the next joke is up. I watched these shows until around 5 PM or 6 PM, at that point I had seen every single episode and had a good time. I laughed out loud so many times.

At around 6 PM I started working again. I don't know what made me just "take a break" since I didn't plan that at all, but it's what happened. I think it just came naturally. Yeah I got a lot of work done again. Everything seems to be going real well.

It's been about 2 days since I last messed up, and my streak is at 2 days. Why the heck is the urge so strong? It sucks, there's nothing I can do about it. I don't think I can keep this streak up for much longer.

I took a few steps outside at around 10 PM tonight to get my 10k steps in, and just went back in because it was raining and it was probably going to rain much harder. As I'm tying this now, it's raining pretty loudly outside. I put an exception on the streak that I don't need to walk 10k steps if it's raining out. I could use an umbrella, but it was dark, cold, and raining pretty hard outside, I figured it was too late to get my 10k steps in anyway and so I just stayed at home.

I think I made the right decision because I was able to get other work done. Anyway that was my day today. I'm really sleepy but I'm not sure I can go to sleep tonight without messing up again. I don't have any plans for tomorrow except to study for, and take an exam.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Aug 16, 2020

I'm glad today was relaxing for you and I'm proud of you for going 2 days!!! 💜 Try keeping your mind on other things as you have been. I think maybe you need something to replace what you're removing so you don't mess up maybe? Is there anything else that can help you sleep? I personally like to listen to meditations and ASMR. I'm having trouble sleeping tonight too though with everything that's going on.

Posted On Aug 16, 2020

@iyazo Thanks for the support Iyazo, I just forced myself to turn off my computer to get myself to fall asleep. What helps me fall asleep is not turning on any lights, even when it starts to get dark out. It is so much easier to fall asleep that way, and tiring yourself out throughout the day helps too. You are having so much more going on than I am, I just sit at home and work on projects, and then walk outside for a few hours a day. The biggest worry I have in my life is "messing up" which isn't even that bad. Good luck Iyazo, I don't know what I would do in your situation, but having a supportive aunt is definitely the best thing.

Posted On Aug 21, 2020

@JustMegawatt Of course! I'm glad that you were able to do that. Everyone has their own struggles, it's no use comparing them. I think I will try that tip of leaving the lights off, maybe it will help my insomnia. Also, yes I am very glad that my aunt is doing what she can to help me, I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

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