March 15, 2020

the castle doctrine

YES my boss called at 7:30 p.m. and said not to come in tomorrow

(We're having a conference call tomorrow afternoon to determine what to do going forward. But my boss said "I don't want you riding the train." Safety first, everyone! Also we have literally no work lmao)

(Also also, I am kicking myself for not grabbing my work laptop when I left on Thursday. OOPS)

tbh I'm pretty skilled at social distancing; life in lockdown is basically just an extended weekend for me. My friendships are long-distance. I spend all Saturday afternoon hanging out with friends, but the only time I leave my apartment on weekends is to spin the pokestop of the day (skippable) and to go grocery shopping (I'm reasonably well-stocked, I think we'll be fine for the next month).

The main thing I'll miss is walking around downtown. On weekdays, I commute downtown a half hour early so I can take a walk before work, and I also walk during my lunch break and/or afternoon coffee break. My apartment's a tad small for actual walking; 17 steps up, 17 steps back, and don't trip on the ethernet cord. But I have a lot of practice compensating for that too. I habitually walk in place when browsing the Internet, reading books, doing my Alchemist Code dailies, etc. It's not quite the same, but it'll do.

(Why didn't I take my work laptop with me on Thursday asdf)


update (3/16): 1 pm, the appointed hour, came and went with me looking sleepily at my cell phone. Around 1:40 I went to the bathroom and then started washing my hands. Immediately INCOMING CALL FROM BOSS lemme tell you I did not get in my full 20 seconds

Anyway, the plan is for me to stay bunkered down this entire week. (woo) Tentative plan for next week is for me to come in Monday to get my laptop, and then we'll switch off days so only one of us is in the office at a time. It's a rapidly developing situation, so the boss will call on Sunday to confirm/adjust plans as needed. That means if we're raiding Sunday, I'm going to be the asshole pausing the lockout to take a personal call.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Mar 19, 2020

Hey Achaius, the upload issue has been fixed! It was throwing an error because the images you had were in RGBA format and it had no idea what to do with the transparency channel. Anyway it's been resolved now. Keep the photos PG though please, thanks.

Posted On Mar 19, 2020

@ayearagotoday Ah, I see. Will do! And thanks for your help.

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