Aug. 16, 2020

Day 4

Today I didn’t go out, I’m simply stayed indoors. I finally cut my mother’s hair, I did a decent job I would like to think. I also did leg day after two days of procrastination, so that’s fun. Played a lot of Spiral Knights again, I really should find more things to do. I thought about making keychains to sell online, but we’ll see.

I played Monopoly with my family today. I was the first person to go bankrupt. I landed once on my fathers property (4 houses on Park Ave) and was out of the game. A new development with my ice cream situation, there’s a new rule in my area where we can’t dine in restaurants anymore. I have thought of some ideas, such as a picnic or may just invite her over. I dunno with the current situation things are difficult to plan.

Other than that nothing much to record down.

Written by Jammer867

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