Aug. 16, 2020

Took a final exam for a business class

6:30 PM

A lot happened today. I got a considerable amount of work done today and was able to complete something that was very significant to complete, and so I was feeling very good and accomplished. I felt an inner happiness and peace. Due to feeling so good, and I don't know why, but I ended up messing up again just an hour ago and I had to reset my streak. It was good while it lasted. I think it's a problem when things are going so well and I'm feeling so good that I want to celebrate by messing up. It wasn't like there was a lot more for me to do the rest of the day anyway since I already got something significant done, and I wanted to celebrate my achievemen. Way to celebrate I guess.

I'm going to go out now and try and get my 10k steps in, and when I come back, I'll have to cram for my final exam and then take it.

12:11 AM (of Monday, August 17th 2020)

Instead of walking 10k steps, I drove around so I could warm up the car again, it's been about a week (probably longer) since I last drove it, so I just went out and drove it 20 miles (10 miles one way, and 10 miles back). I drove around without any sound or music playing, and I just had a bunch of ideas going through my head. I realized I wouldn't be able to complete my other streaks tonight, due to having to study for and take a final exam tonight. Tomorrow is August 17th, which means it's exactly one month away from my birthday. I wanted to make it significant, so why don't I reset all my streaks for August 17th, and see if I can make it all the way, with all the streaks intact, up until and through my birthday?

Well that's what I ended up doing. Today wasn't a great day anyway, actually I think today was an excellent day, the only difference is that I messed up in the evening. So I drove back home and when I got back, I just studied for the test the entire time. I crammed until I was able to get nearly perfect scores on all the mock-exams.

I took the test, and I got a... about an 85%. It's not bad. I studied for about 4 hours for it, and just right before the exam. I think that's a fair trade. I don't think I need a perfect grade on the subject, as long as I understand the materials then it's all fine. The materials and subjects I studied though were applicable to real life too, since it was a business course.

There was so much material to cover and there's a lot of behind-the-scenes functions going on for any and every business. Basically, nearly every action a business takes has been calculated and planned out, starting with the company's mission, vision, purpose, and values, and from there strategies are developed, and then goals and objectives, these are distributed between various roles and hierarchical levels within the organization.

After I took the exam, I reset all my streaks to midnight of August 17th, just a month before my birthday. I ended up messing up again one last time after the exam because I felt like this would be finalization. I don't have a reason to do it anymore. I also coincidentally messed up at midnight of August 17th, which is also the time I reset all my streaks to. So all my streaks are fully synced up now, and as long as I can do them straight for one month, then it would probably be the most productive month I've ever had and would be a great way to conclude the last month of my current age.

Also I noticed earlier today that Lays_chips left and deleted their account. Not sure what happened with that, but oh well. I was really sad and devastated for when tt happened since it came out of nowhere, I almost cried because it felt like someone I was talking to regularly just up and vanished. It's always sad when that happens, but I realized no one is permanent and pretty much everyone drifts away at some point. After I realized that, I relaxed and went back to normal.

Yeah things are still all good. Tomorrow is a new day, it's a Monday, and all my streaks have been reset. I'm going to try and make the most out of my last month at my current age.

Written by JustMegawatt

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