Aug. 17, 2020

Day 5

Today was nothing special again. I slept in again, woke up around 10. Played some video games, and read some WEBTOONs.

Something interesting I found out about myself was how when I talk to someone, my automatic reaction when someone says they wanna do something, I give lots of encouragement. But while that doesn’t seem very interesting, it was the fact that my mind is used to people needing lots of encouragement. But I was talking to my friend and realized they didn’t need much encouragement at all. To be honest it seemed like I was, in a way, annoying them.

In a couple days I’ll be moving, so I’ve been prepping my stuff, tomorrow I plan on cleaning out my bathroom as it’s cabinets are quite messy and filled.

Things where I live seem to be getting worse, so I highly doubt I’ll be having in class lessons. Maybe the entire school year will be online, who knows. That’s about all for today.

Written by Jammer867

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Posted On Aug 17, 2020

Found this randomly on the front page. Hm, maybe think of something to do for a goal, work towards something if you'd like to improve yourself. Otherwise, best of luck in the move, stay safe.

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