Aug. 17, 2020

first public entry!

i decided i've been journaling on here long enough to at least try a public entry! i don't think i'll be making a habit out of this because it scares me heh but i wanted to be brave tonight!

so! unfortunately, it was a pretty bad day overall (definitely not the worst) because my headphones stopped working last night which meant i couldn't do my usual routine this morning. i'm autistic and i don't deal well with the slightest of change so that wasn't fun. i managed to get some new ones by the end of the day though AND i managed to avoid a meltdown! :D

on to more positive things: we got an update on moving! the council is waiting for the keys to go to a certain department or something? it's very confusing to move when everyone's working from home heh. they still haven't told us an exact date yet which i suppose they can't do without the keys but last time they told us it was this week and we can't pack until it's 100% confirmed so it's kinda stressful not knowing, especially because we haven't seen the place yet (council housing is so vague heh)

the cats have suddenly all decided my laundry basket is very interesting! 2 of them keep jumping in it and the other one keeps trying to eat it hehe! it's very cute and funny to wake up to

sorry that the "paragraphs" don't flow, i'm tired heh but i ordered 2 reusable masks yesterday! i haven't been out in 5-6 months so i had no reason to get any but i suddenly realised we'd be seeing people as we move so i thought i'd better get some. i got an email saying they'd been shipped out today so hopefully they'll get here before we move! i guess it depends on if we're moving this week or not, but yesterday was the earliest i could buy any so not much i can do! they're Hello Kitty and Toy Story and they have pockets for filters which i'm pretty sure my mum bought a little while ago... i don't know how good the filters are, i'll look it up but the masks are 100% cotton so that's good at least!

well that's all i got! my days have been very samey since March so there's not much that stands out to me enough to write about, so i'm sorry if this was boring to read! the important thing is that i attempted to make it readable to strangers hehe

Written by Inkysplodge

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