Aug. 17, 2020

Normal Work Day

11:56 PM

This morning I woke up at around 7 AM after falling asleep at around 12 AM? Something very early like that. I finished my final exam last night, but as I'm typing this, it really feels like it was forever ago.

I was very productive this morning, working on several tasks and getting a lot done before work started. I was seriously on a roll.

Even during work today, I would say that today was one of my more productive days.

After work though I was pretty dang tired. I was basically working the entire time throughout the day, and took a break basically by watching more Nathan For You on DailyMotion. I've already seen all the episodes on there at this point, but I just wanted a break. I don't know how I rationalized this to not be "entertainment" which is one of my streaks, but it was definitely entertainment. So I'll have to reset that streak tonight.

I also ate some Clif bars today. So that's the Whole Foods streak that has to be reset now. I did make an exception mentally for Clif bars and allowed them, but I'm just looking for reasons to reset all my streaks again since I ended up doing what I was avoiding for some of them. I also technically did complete all my logs today and I also didn't "debate" anyone today, and I was caught up on my journal entries too, but I still am choosing to reset them all.

I didn't do much for the rest of the night, I just browsed the Internet in a sort of productive way, I was doing things here and there, but I was also watching some Nathan For You episodes over and over. At around 10 PM I had to walk outside, and instead of doing that, I stayed at home and ended up messing up again. So I have to reset that streak too.

Overall despite it being a very productive day in the morning and throughout the work day, I think being tired after work just made me lose self control and made me do things I was trying to avoid. For tomorrow, instead of watching Nathan For You or something else, I'll just try taking a nap. Technically August has a 31st day, so it could be considered that 1 month after today is the 17th, so I'm still on for my "one month" of being pristine before my birthday, and even after too. I'll have to last 30 days and keep all my streaks up.

I'll take a look at my streaks again as soon as I wake up today so that I realize what activities I need to avoid and activities that I need to do.

Written by JustMegawatt

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