Aug. 18, 2020


2020/08/18 🍋


14:10: shortly: school was good, we had 3h instead of 2h physik. I came home, there were three things on my bed: the starter-kit i had signed up for, another package i had no idea about and a letter from the SPD or something. They want me to vote. I have no idea about that, neither do i know which party does what or which party is good, i need to research that. So I opened the package. In it were the two certificates of the courses (micro:bit; Blender) I did - i totally forgot about that. But not only, also a book called "Ein Algorithmus hat kein Taktgefühl" by Katharina Zweig, a small sticky-note-thingie, some informations and those small cloth thing you can stick at the back at your phone and clean the screen with the other side.

I really didn't expect that!!! Soo generous!!!

Yay. I'm so happy about that, I can't believe it. :D

20:12: I had a nice talk with Lea and we studied the bible together. Oh I had taken a shower before. So after that i played the flute, tried to do math homework and then i looked into the StarterKit Physics#2 . And did the Fluoroszent project. It was late already, mom was home and she bought Peanutbutetr (to be exact: Erdnuss-Muß), so i ate it with that "Dinkelbrot". And then i edited the intoMint log here. But the internet is bad, i need to add photos to the following entries:




But the ones from 01.07.2020 to 08.07.2020 are just representative as I have no idea when i did those. And i need to look for the entry with the topic of "Kryptowährungen", because there I should find the entry i mentioned it in.

Tomorrow will be a long day. 8h of school :/

I suppose the afternoon will pass a bit too quick?

20:26: okay, internet got better. And you know what? The website i mentioned yesterday - imagebanana - didn't disappear... it's still there... was my internet bad? So yeah, no w i have a few links there from @ayearagotoday and all the others from imagebanana... oh man, i didn't have to bother them with my question... Then i'll change the links tomorrow again. Were only 4, so...

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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