March 14, 2020

Added the To Do list and walked outside

23:23 (of Monday, March 16th 2020)

Today was a pretty good Saturday. I woke up around 9 AM I think? One really good thing I did today was I worked on the "Organizer" feature of the website. I wanted to see what I did today, a year from now, so that's why that To Do feature was added. It helps users in the present by getting them organized with what they need to accomplish that day, and then it helps them months or years from now when they want to look back on when they completed certain tasks. I've used this feature to complete a bunch of tasks already, that I wouldn't have otherwise completed had I not added them to my to do list.

Around 4 PM I walked outside with my parents. We just walked up and down the road basically, I think we walked around 2.5 miles total. The total walk is supposed to be around 3.2 miles, but my mom wanted to turn around a bit earlier than we were supposed to, and so a bit of distance was cut off. It was just a simple walk though, pretty relaxing. My mom walked ahead a lot, my dad was way behind us a lot of the time. I was in the middle most of the time because I played around walking on the sides of the sidewalk, jumping on stuff, and waited a few times for my dad to catch up.

When we got back home, I could have studied some things or done something productive. Instead though, I just browsed the Internet, I played some games. I played this game called "What If" and I managed to get all 10 achievements in that game by following a guide. I don't even know why I did it, I don't care about this game at all, and I don't care about achievements at all. I guess I was just really freaking bored and wanted to pass the time.

I also tried to play Maplestory today, it took like 2 hours to download, and then when it was done, I couldn't play any characters because of the PIC feature, which is where you have to enter a pin code to get in. Well I don't freaking remember what mine was, and so I could not get in. I left a negative review complaining about the PIC feature on this day.

Then I played this other game called Punch Club, which I got really into. It's a fun game, but it's so grindy and such a waste of time. It takes forever to level up attributes, and in other game modes, you actually lose attribute experience as the days go by. It's so stupid. I played the game in the easiest difficulty which disabled the attribute decay, but it was still so grindy.

I think that was pretty much my entire day. It just went by so slowly and I got a lot done, I guess. I walked and I worked on a new site feature. That's more than most days I guess, so yeah. I think it was a good day. Could have spent it a bit better, but I can't fix that now.

Written by JustMegawatt

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