March 16, 2020

Caught up on finances, photos, and journal entries


Well what can I say about today? I caught up on a bunch of stuff. This morning right before work I got some of my finances ready for taxes. I was pretty confident that things were going well. I lost money on Friday but after tallying some things the losses weren't too bad. Cool, I thought. Then the drive to work was very nice, the roads were empty. All schools in my area are closed, so no school buses today and for the remainder of the month. A lot of people are not even going to work or are working from home, so barely any cars out on the road.

At work I just did some basic stuff. I got messaged by a co-worker who did not come in today due to the coronavirus scare. There were a few people who did not come to work today, I think because of that same reason. The president announced that people should practice social distancing recently, which just means we shouldn't get in contact with a lot of people. Okay that seems simple enough to me. No one in my region that I'm aware of, has been infected with the Coronavirus yet, but still, people were not coming to work because of this.

It was a very chill day. The weather was a bit cool outside, like spring weather is supposed to be, except it's still winter. I still can't believe people say the weather is perfect when it's supposed to be a lot colder. We haven't had any snow days this year throughout all of winter and this isn't worrying anyone else. It's quite outrageous.

During lunch time I walked around some buildings. I actually only walked around for maybe 10-20 minutes, because I walked on those "parking spot bumps" I don't know their official names. They're those narrow bar shaped things in front of a parking spot, to make sure that the person doesn't park too far in. If you park too far in with a sedan, you can grind your undersides, they're pretty common.

Anyway I play this game of jumping from one to another. It is quite scary to play, because I jump over maybe around 50 of these, jumping from one to the next. I mean I haven't fallen when doing this, and I guess I'm pretty good at balancing myself on them, but it really makes me sweat. I've come close to falling sometimes, and it would really hurt if I fell because I would just fall on the concrete. So yeah I sweat a lot when I play this game of hopping on these "parking lot beams" and trying to balance myself. It's like a gymnast beam, except they are in the parking lot, they're closer to the ground and there's a lot of them, and they're separated and you can jump from one to another.

It gets really scary when you have to leap from one to another. Most of the time I can extend my step forward far enough to reach the other beam, but sometimes it's so far I have to leap for it. That's the really hard part. There are some beams I have had to skip, because I could not leap the distance, it was simply too far. Even if I made it, landing on that tiny thing, would be really hard to do. Those attempts made me sweat and worry a lot. There was also some paint thinner smell in this one area, because they were painting this building, and I did not want to walk there again, so I just skipped it and barely walked this lunch period.

Later at home I would catch up on my instagram photos, my journal entries, and that was basically it. So today I basically just caught up on all I needed to catch up on.

Written by JustMegawatt

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