Aug. 21, 2020

Day 6

I missed a couple of days with recording down my journal due to moving. So it’s been a very busy few days. The movers came at 8 am and had everything packed up by 2 or 3 pm. They finished unpacking at the new house at around 2 am. It was a very long day. The following day was a whole lot of cleaning up and putting things where I wanted them. There still more to do around the house as the movers put things everywhere, so it a treasure hunt to find a simple plate.

My office chair broke at some point so I had to fix that. School starts up next week so I’m prepping my work space for long hours on the computer. I personally like online classes more than lectures. With online classes I can take things at my own pace. Where if I don’t understand something I don’t have to constantly bug the instructor, but simply do a google search and find examples on how to do similar problems.

One of my instructors has already put in this semester’s required work up online, I’m considering completing all the work this weekend for the reason of why not, I won’t have to do any work for most of the semester. Though I suppose that task is easier said than done.

In one of my previous journal posts someone commented on making a goal to improve myself. The only goal I have currently is to workout to improve my strength and overall health. But I though about it and I could do with more goals. So maybe I’ll think of some thing to keep me busy when all this moving mess is done.

That’s about all for the past few days.

Written by Jammer867

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