Aug. 22, 2020


2020/08/22 🍋


13:21: Finished math homework and upgraded my spanish folder. Eh... yeah, that's all that happened today more or less, it felt like more o.o

16:39: So, I finished the T-Shirt intoMINT Task :D

I like how it turned out ^v^

19:34: Played a bit flute, later we had to go shopping. I found a better place for the ArtenREICHTUM Mint project, but of course now no of the photos have my Mintkottchoen on it. I'mm submit it anyway, if they need photos with it, I'll take them when I'm on the cow-meadow again (which is on the 30th and the end of the competition). The project is nice, but i just want it to be done... okay, i could just skip it,,, i mean, not do it... i don't know. Now i found something. Not the best, but it should do it. Only the plushie is missing on the photos...

21:15: Late again. I edited the DailyBible's Guild description.

Reading your bible daily is really important. That way we can discover more about God, his way and personality and also ourself. As someone once said, the *bible is our daily bread and not a cake for special occasions* (or something like that). Or as it is said in the song "Breathe": "This is my daily bread"

Don't forget to share your experience here :D


# Challenge Info

Winner(s) of the challenge(s) will be drawn randomly. 

If the chapter is too long, you can read it in two (or more) parts. In Genesis the chapters are often about a page of my bible, that's good to read. But some can be very long, so you may take two days for those. 

*Winners of previous challenges:* 

2020 August:_____x

2020 Sept.:_______x


# Other useful Challenges:

* [Devoted year]( by [Tura](

* [TongueTalking]() by [Plesioth](

I hope more people decide to create a challenge that helps believers :D


This guild is the gathering place for both the [DailyBible]() Challenge as well as the [TongueTalking]( Challenge. 

![Genesis 9,15](

# Recourses


* ``YT Video`` [What is a *BibleGarden*]( by *Cat Woods* 

* ``Devotional`` [5 Questions About Speaking In Tongues](




* ``Webpage`` [How to speak in tongues - Judy](

* ``Webpage`` [3 ways to speak in tongues](


![Psalm 1, 1-3](


# Top Comments

*"Ephesians 2--summarizes salvation in the first 10 verses!*

*1--I was dead. I was enslaved to sin.

2--I lived as the world lived, and as the devil wanted me to.

3--I lived according to my sinful nature, and did what I thought was right in my own mind.*

*4--BUT GOD.*

*Think about that. God rescued me because of His love!*

*5--I was stagnant in my sin, but God raised me from the dead.

6--I am identified with Jesus!

7--All of this is so that God's grace can be proven--His kindness through Christ can be known!*

*And guess what? THAT'S IT! It's NOTHING that I can do on my own. It's all CHRIST! It doesn't say "But I," it says "But God"!*

*8--By GRACE I am saved--NOT of myself! It is God's gift to me! 9--There is no way a man could do what God did in my life. 10--Doing good did not get me saved, but now that I am saved, I need to do good, for that is how God wants me to live--the complete opposite of the devil's desires.*

*Now I am not a stranger to God's family (vs. 19). Praise the Lord!"* - by [LadyJuliana](



*Read Proverbs 2 and part of Proverbs 3 today. Some things that I learned:*

*1. There are more people that are wicked than I even realize.*

*2. I don't have to be afraid of what others think of me if I have wisdom.*

*3. I want things in life, but I should be pursuing wisdom above them all.*


# Tips 

I love the Psalms. I read Psalm 3 and Psalm 93 today. :) ``If you are ever at a loss for what chapter to read, you could go to Proverbs and just pick the chapter that corresponds with the day`` (for example, today I would've read Proverbs 3 if I were doing that). ``Psalms and Proverbs are amazing books filled with wisdom and insight.``

[@LadyJuliana](; August 3rd 2020

I like the markdown formatting, it would be nice if you could use it on other places... At least the link link.

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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