March 17, 2020




Day 3 of Corona Holidays

we finally got a task! In WIF we had to programme a house and a thing we choose. I didn't know what to do, I ended up creating a glass. And I followed the way of the others and created a Smiley as well.

Originally, I wanted to make a fox out of Elippsis. But it ended up looking like a mutated Dinosaur.

I just finished drawing Saphí as a moth ^^

Moth are cute. and look fluffy.

AC: New Horizons will come on Friday (My sister ordered it). I'm excited and will watch her playing it. Don't start without me >*< .

Oh and thee KMK exams are cancelled. Yeah, at least I don't have to practice for it. h, I should at least do something now. Huh.... Learning languages can be fun but also confusing and then you don't wanna fo through it at all.

I slept (felt) half of the day, because of a headache....

Oh and I should see if I can fish for new Habitica Party members.


Written by Plesi`

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