Aug. 23, 2020

a terraria murder mystery

As I mentioned, the stylist and the fisherman are best friends. They live together at a remote seaside resort. In theory, they're guarding the ocean pylon, but there's not much guarding to do out there; it's a very quiet area.

I was back in town when I received a notification that Ruby the stylist was slain. Thinking the resort must be under attack (goblin invasion? werewolf pack?) I immediately teleported out there. There were no enemies in sight. There was only the fisherman, wading in the shallows and looking innocent.

(And then I couldn't teleport home, because the pylon requires two villagers to operate.)

The stylist respawned and moved back into her seaside home with the fisherman. Later that day, I received a message that the stylist had been killed again. I didn't bother rushing out there this time.

Written by Achaius

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