Aug. 27, 2020

2020/08/27 - virtual bacteria identification



07:09: The bacterium project looks interesting. You'll be going through a procedure in a virtual Laboratorium. Sounds like a video game :D

But i don't have time and It's probably better and more secure on my Chromebook. There it won't reload if i close it... I mean, i wouldn't close it there, but on my phone can't have multiple things open at the same time without it restarting them.

08:19: my classmate is there again so we changed seats. She needs to be near the window. But at least i'm not freezing.

09:10: in VWL we got copies. The printer had a problem and printed an error on all the papers and ate a few...

She needed to copy those again. Then she gave me one and because i held the other just to show her i already have one she took it away 😢 I wanted to keep the one wih the error. That was the one where it was visible the best! But okay...

20:52: We had a QF lesson this afternoon. It began frustating, i practiced the high notes before, everything was fine, but today i couldn't get a sound!! The last three bars are easy, but the E3' and F3.... (German, in others you need to add 3 i think, so it would be E9 and F9 I think.... )....

I did the MINT projects with my sister and it was so fun. She already did the bacteria identification thing, so she watched and answered my questions.

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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