March 17, 2020

Went To Work, Didn't Do Much Else

8:21 (of Wednesday, March 18th 2020)

So today is Tuesday and I woke up around 7 AM maybe. I worked on the site a little, working on the username and recovery features. I would test it on myself by putting in my email and usernames so I could test my own username and password recovery. I ran into an issue where the emails would bounce, basically the email provider on the receiving end returning the email with an error message. The error message was that I was sending it from an untrusted IP. I wasn't sure how to continue from there, so I sent my email provider a support email asking for help on the issue.

After that I started preparing for work, I checked my email and I started chatting with a co-worker who was working from home for a bit. He kept asking me to create a ticket so I could work from home. I actually wanted to take the day off so I could continue working on the site. My dad says I had to go to work. So I was very conflicted with what I should do. In the end though I ended up going to work, a bit later than usual, when my boss told me to come into work so I could get the VPN set up so I could work from home in the future.

The drive to work was abysmal. I'm getting used to the fewer cars on the road now. I also saw a lot of police cars, just parked on the road with no one inside, trolling people that drive by to slow down. It worked, people slowed down.

At the workplace, the parking lot was nearly empty. I think it's at 50% of the capacity it was normally at, so roughly half the cars that would normally be there, were not there. I just did some basic stuff at work. One of the clients I'm doing work for said they would send me a laptop to my home address so I could use their VPN. This VPN thing is just a way to connect to a distant server, as if I were inside the office, so I could connect to other computers inside that network. I have one for my workplace office which I just installed on my local computer, and I needed one for the client's servers too, which they offered to send me a laptop that had the necessary software. That's pretty cool!

During lunch time at work I was contemplating cancelling my gym membership, because I wasn't using it, and due to the coronavirus scare. I checked the site and it says you have to go to the gym to request a cancellation. I went there during lunch time, not really planning on cancelling since it was really cheap at only $23 a month, and the benefits I get are pretty nice. When I got there I used the massage bed to relax myself a little, because I was very tense and stressed out about something. I also used the body enhancement machine because it's been a while since I last used it, and it was one of the selling points that made me sign up for the gym in the first place. The massage bed and body enhancement machine alone made me sign up, the workout equipment and stuff I didn't really care about.

I did some basic work stuff at work. I saw that the stock market was going up a lot, despite all the negatives happening to the world economy at large. I sold some of my positions and yeah, I thought it was crazy we were having a very profitable day in the markets despite things going bad.

After that I went home, planning on working on the next site feature. Instead, I just did nothing. I mostly browsed YouTube, posted a lot of comments, contemplated making my own. I didn't run, I didn't walk, I didn't work on the site or anything else that evening. It was not very productive. The day did feel a lot longer than normal for some reason. Maybe it was all the unusual events that normally don't occur.

Written by JustMegawatt

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