Aug. 28, 2020

I'm a bit messed up...(28/8)

I woke up late at about 11:30 am, so I have to attend vocal class right after I ate half of a bowl of cereal.

Luckily, it turned out great! My posture became more relaxed, and my voice was able to open up more!

Not for my fanfic and composition though, too much distraction and thus only did few bars of Section B.

......But hey, I guess at least I'm good at not giving up. I just need to......double the progress required tomorrow. I can do it within one day. It's the problem of whether I'm serious to it.

Ha! Easy to say. There were few times when I took the task seriously......So why tomorrow would be any different?

Today's progress:

-Two questions left for the music theory paper

Tomorrow's plan:

Main Quest:

  • Composing(11 am is the latest starting time)
  • Finish the MT paper

Side quest: Fanfiction

Extra 5 minutes of practice if distracted more than 1 minute.

Written by MandySakura

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