Aug. 28, 2020




09:30: i took an Apple to school and cut it here. I hope that's allowed. But it got brown so fast.

10:48: before our German lesson:

Our Englisch teacher comes in: "Good morning everybody" . Everyone is like "häh?" Niclas wonders if he slept through the sixth lesson. We told her and she wondered what she would have if not Englisch and felt more like Englisch. Then our math teacher came to the door and Someone said "no, we also don't have math" . She was surprised because Yesterday Someone said he wanted to see her or something. Andreas said, usually no one wants to have us but today we had already two teachers.

11:01: i just looked into the mirror in the bathroom here.... I look like a criminal, a ninja or Something :/

21:41: Mom made cake with plums and one with chocolate sprinkles. I video chatted with Alessia for 1 1/2h. Trax livestream was really good and then KG as well. But my sister was missing there somehow. Someone recommended an image upload side and i'D say it's pretty good. I had to create an account for direct linking. But now they're visible on both the App and the website :D

Antio 🦊


Our Englisch teacher comes in: Good morning everyboddy... Everyone here: häh? 

Niclas hab ich die 6te Stunde verpennt?

Fr. Möllers hatte mehr Lust auf Englisch

Dann kamml frau schwierz, wir haben auch kein athe

Andreas, sonst will uns keiner haben jetzt haben wir schon zwei lehrer

Written by Plesi`

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