March 18, 2020




Ah it's already the end of the first week and I feel like being flooded with tasks.

The most teachers decided to give us the tasks now or never. Until Friday I need to get English and math done and something else, idk, I need to check that tomorrow. But I already did the majority of math, finished Reli and started with GES.

We had KG today, talked and prayed via Skype. Next is scheduled Friday, 16:15, and I HAVE TO DO THE INPUT!! Noone said a thing so I said I'd do it. I need Gods advice - no - I need God's voice there.

In SIMSFreePlay the construction for the free luxury seaside home that I got because I finished that task was finished. It looked so full! I removed the majority of things, changed room size and the floor of the "bathroom" and yeah. Now I could move the Sim. Now that's the headquarter. Everything was happening in Saphí's house anyway. But now it's official, there's more space. And I hope I can unlock the second floor soon, then I'll have more space for future (event) stuff. I wonder if I can let Sims live in the same house even if they don't share eros but simply philía. Then I could have our crew there. In the headquarters. :).

But let's see what tomorrow brings.

Our neighbor helped us out and we got some toilet paper. Ah so kind! Neither my stepdad or we had luck getting it. The stores were All Empty. All.of.them!!

How's that even possible?? I hope people stop being Hamsters.


Written by Plesi`

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