Aug. 29, 2020

2020/08/29 🍊


12:03: We'll go shopping when Maximilian is awake again. I'll do some homework now.

I've created the document i wanted to create for some time now. It's not even that good, the challenge detail parts look so messed up...

But thanks to the uploading website someone recommended app users will be able to see images as well.

I was thinking of creating another challenge featuring design, updating the guild/party description. But no, i don't think I'll do it.

16:41: I did homework and was on my phone...

The weather tomorrow will be good! And Christoph isn't there... The expert... So the following conversation happened. (Not that interesting ). The screenshot(s) willbe down there. Then we went shopping. There were Steckdosen I've never seen before. One with several normal plug-slots and two for USB or something. That can be useful. And then there was a cube. I didn'T see everything of it, but it looked like different entrances.

They had chocolate-cocos croissaint. We bought them, but there were only 4 in one bag!! But they are nice. I've got my pinky finger.... How... I noticed it outside and then someheow accidentally put santisizer on it 😣 That hurt, i wiped it off immediately. Oh and we bought peanuts. I really like the box/bag they're in. A silver can, and so shiny :D And we bought oranges 🍊 big, fruity oranges :D 1,5kg, 4 oranges. My bag was surprisingly light.

17:06: We just got an email and the spanish online-lesson schedule....

One problem.... The one on Tuesday is at 14:15, but school ends at 13:30 and last time it took 10h10 to get home for me :/

I can't attend then... Not during the bus travel, how am i supposed to work? And the bus is loud, I might not hear everything and turn the volumne up and down. Then how to write? How to participate and say something? How to do that during the 5min walk home and then to get inside home upstairs...

17:24: I've sent christoph a screenshot of the instagram post saying "definitely not a virus, just a dolphin" and he said he knew he had seen it somewhere and added this link -> "Das ist so 'ne Satire auf Windows 95. Ein Gedankenspiel, wie Windows gewesen wΓ€re, wenn man es bereits 1993 unfertig (bzw. noch unfertiger) auf den Markt gebracht hΓ€tte."

The names are funny.

17:57: I looked for a portmonnaie on Amazon and I think I'll get this one ->

Mine was damaged and my solution isn't really good. I needed a new one for a while now... Then I can take the paying part again when my sister and i are going shopping.

21:21: watched two episodes of detective Conan with my sister.The second episode was the better i think. A case different from the others. Mom ordered the portmonaie.

22:21: played MK8 with my sister online :)

And i tried to find the paradoxon photo but it seems i somehow deleted it. I couldn't find it, at least. So i had to recreate it, although i didn't know how exactly. I still don't know, but i managed to do so. And got other messages, like, the skechbook folder doesn't exist (It does, but i re-named it some time ago), or it disappeared.

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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