Sept. 1, 2020

Day 7

I have missed many days of recording down my daily happenings. Since my last entry, class has started. Which, might I add, has been chaotic. Lots of technically difficulties and tons of work being assigned despite my instructors constantly reminding us “that it is a stressful time”. The irony. Another thing that occurred was I signed up for French, which on the first day I switched into the class, I was unable to get into the class video call.

I’ve been making a healthy smoothie everyday now, which has given me lots of energy for the day. Though I must confess that with all this energy I have no where to use said energy.

I’ve yet to completely unpack my room, I have one more box to unpack, but I’ve been dreading it. Lots of clothes to be folded and to find some random space for, I don’t have enough hangers for the clothes and I have yet to go buy more. The house is still a mess, the kitchen and room in the basement are the only ones done. My mother wants to tackle the living room this weekend, so we shall see how that goes.

I seem to be getting a lot more acne recently, very fun. If anyone has any tips on clearing and stopping acne, would you comment them? I’ve been trying to learn more recipes that are both vegan and healthy for my family to eat, I’ve tried a few things, though I can’t remember the names of them. One of which was a white bean sauce with roasted walnuts. I have to say it was kind of bland, but should I make it again, I’ll be sure to add more spices and vegetables. The easiest recipe by far that I learned was a grilled sandwich, the inside of the sandwich being spinach. Only complaint is that it the spinach gets all caught up between your teeth.

That’s about all for now, I will try to get back to writing entries everyday.

Written by Jammer867

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