Sept. 1, 2020

yet another quarantine report

Five and a half months into quarantine, I've largely settled into my new way of life. I would still enjoy a nice long walk downtown, but I don't crave it any more, you know? I'm content.

In Clockwork Boys, Caliban is imprisoned for several months, and when he gets out, he's hit by severe agoraphobia; the world is too big, the sky too open, he can't handle it any more. Thankfully, nothing of the same magnitude has happened to me, but I think I have changed a little. A couple times, Dad has driven up and we've visited all the pokemon gyms in town. After half an hour in a sunny car, I feel a little lightheaded, a little fatigued, like I've been out too long in the sun and need to lie down. Pretty sure this is a new phenomenon. I mean, I was only sitting in a car; there's no reason I should feel fatigued.

This past week, I've been making an effort to get 10k steps before noon and, more generally, to get my walking done earlier instead of leaving it until 10-11 pm. Then I can spend the late night gaming with friends. So far, it's mostly been a success. But this morning, I had a lot of back-and-forth work emails/calls to deal with, and then there was Dad's visit. So now it's past 2 pm and I'm only at 8500 steps.

Written by Achaius

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